The Triton Family of Portable Dental Systems

Selecting the right dental cart for you and where to place them in the room.

About the Triton Portable Dental Delivery Carts

ASI’s Triton Series sets a high standard for portable dental equipment. ASI’s 25 years of in-depth engineering experience lends itself to assure robust quality coupled with incremental innovations to optimize our line of mobile dental units that feature powerful suction with very quiet operation.  The full line utilizes the same power chassis with different upper compartment configurations to best meet your needs.  So, no matter which model you select, you’re assured the same optimal performance, sound dampening and quality of an ASI Dental design.

Essential ASI Dental Design Features Include:

  • High Performance Dental Unit

    Includes ASI’s proprietary U.S. made stainless steel control system including control block, flow valves barbs, handpiece connectors and water relay for secure connections & corrosion resistance.  Durable Tru Fit articulating holders, non-stick White Silk handpiece tubing and titanium suction handpieces.

  • Solid Structural Design

    Thick walled high grade aluminum chassis, scratch resistant powder coat paint finish, stainless steel fasteners, durable hard floor casters, high grade electrical components and wiring.

  • Integral Water Line Disinfection

    Worry free water line disinfection. Single or Tandem Water supply with internal water line disinfection cartridge that is good for one year.  Doesn’t require staff to maintain and easy change out of cartridges every year.

Portable Dental Unit Product Comparison and Pricing Selection

Please use the guide below to select the best portable dental unit for you from our various models. Although any of our mobile dental systems can be used for dental procedures, the shape and configuration can lend better to the desired use.

Orthodontic/Hygiene Models – A simpler and more compact worktop generally designed for side delivery use by a single operator. The angled bar and worktop allow the cart to be pulled in tighter for access. Includes two handpiece connections along with standard air water syringe and suction handpieces.

Restorative Models – These models provide much larger worktop areas and are generally designed for four handed use with a dentist and assistant.  Includes separate placement of handpieces and assistants’ instruments for better access by each. Models vary with two to three handpiece connections with ability to add additional as needed and may include a second air water syringe.

Split Delivery Restorative -Designed for four handed use with a dedicated dental cart for the dentist to use as side delivery with a separate cart to be used by the assistant. This allows greater control of placement in the desired position and better accommodates dentists used to front delivery of handpieces.

Military Deployable Models – This model is similar to restorative models but includes reinforced construction internally for instrumentation, dual voltage to be used worldwide and hardened shipping case for transport.

Pricing Selection

ASI Dental delivery systems are uniquely constructed of high-grade materials with our own component designs manufactured in the U.S.  Additional details, features and select know how by our staff result in our high-performance systems. So, without a doubt our dental systems will not be the least expensive but due to how we manage our operations and distribution our product pricing is still reasonable. This provide a greater value to our customers with equipment they wish to use and depend on.

The prices for our portable dental units range from approximately $7,000 to $14,000 depending on the model selected. However, we encourage you to use our Build a Quote tool to get the exact pricing you need.