Dental System Options

For ASI’s Triton Portable Delivery Systems


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[Model: 90-2762E]

Upgrade your High Volume Evacuator (HVE) with ASI’s precision machined titanium Ergo Angle handpiece. Quality design and ergonomic features provide quality design and ease of use. Features ASI’s exclusive single side valve design and swivel disconnects at base. Handpiece and barb only. [90-2762E]

[Model: 90-2701]

Additional Air and Water Syringe. This syringe provides a quick disconnect tip with an outer press ring release. It accommodates disposable tips for this type of syringe. The Air/Water syringe features a rounded head style for ease of cleaning. Air and water flow is controlled with individual adjustment knobs on the delivery system. [90-2701]

[Model: 90-2735]

Full Pressure Air Only Syringe. This is a single button syringe with a quick disconnect tip and adjustable air flow control. Since water spray is removed there is no possibility of moisture in the tip that could be sprayed out. The incoming air to the syringe is filtered in the handle. This prevents moisture from condensation in the air line from being emitted. A dry air pattern is created for pre-restorations. [90-2735]

[Model: 92-ASF12281]

Integrating a Satelec Analog Ultrasonic? Add an additional handpiece. [92-ASF00737]


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[Model: 90-5166]

Optima MCX Motor, Analog

— from Bien Air

For Triton™ series only.

price includes installation

[Model: 90-5274]

ELECTROmatic Premium, Single

— from KaVo

Perfect control and programmable speed settings allow the stable running of the bur.

The color LCD Display shows the actual motor speed and the three speed programs are easy to set-up. This allows a fast set-up for all high-speed and low-speed applications.

KL703 LED Motor (100 – 40,000 rpm) or COMFORTdrive option (20,000 – 200,000 rpm).

  • Perfect balance – light weight LED light (25,000 LUX).
  • Spray water regulation on motor tube.
  • Auto-calibration (air pressure).
  • Right/left rotation.
  • All-in-one with a prep and endo mode.
  • 5 speed programs in prep mode.
  • Vivid color touch display for intuitive set-up.
  • Endo workflows with each up to 10 files.
  • Preset Endo file systems.
Dual Motor option KaVo ELECTROmatic Premium – Dual [Model 90-5274D]
[Model: 90-5420]

Satelec Ultrasonic, Analog

The Newtron™ technology ultrasonic module from Satelec.

Designed for the ultimate in full power range while providing integrated feedback to provide constant ultrasonic vibration to the tip. This allows you to adjust the power lower for sensitive endodontic tips, yet maintain the proper movement while bearing down. Full power at the high end allows you to easily remove posts.

[Model: 90-5434]

Cavitron Steri-Mate 360

  • From Dentsply Sirona

Integrated Cavitron Ultrasonic with Steri-Mate 360 Handpiece

Handpiece insert rotates within the handpiece eliminating the need to stop and make adjustments and reducing wrist movements during procedures. It includes a custom-fit handpiece holder designed for the handpiece and a power adjustment knob on the control panel of the cart.

[Model: 90-5012S & 90-5012L]

Fiber Optics – Single Connection

Universal five/six-pin fiber optic system for a single handpiece. Includes 50″ or 60″ of handpiece tubing. It does not include the bulb (PN 95-4025).

[Model: 90-5054]

VALO Curing Light

— from Ultradent

The highly rated LED curing light by Ultradent.

An ideal all-in-one system that fits into a handpiece holder for easy access. The system includes five LEDs and cures all brands and ranges of resins. The optional Endo Guide Tip is ideal for retrofills and other narrow preparations. The system package also includes orange and green transilluminator tips for identifying caries, cracks and tooth defects.

Includes holder.

[Model: 90-5170]

W&H Micro Motor System – Analog

Electric High/Low Speed Motor system with analog speed control knob. Includes one EM-12L Motor that accepts all E style contra angle handpieces.

High Flow Suction System Upgrade & Amalgam Separation

[Model: 90-2822]

High Flow Suction System Upgrade

The high flow vacuum provides 20% extra flow, which can better capture aerosols during treatment. The added flow can improve suction performance with simultaneous use of the saliva ejector and high-volume evacuator or when using a second HVE for nitrous oxide scavenging applications.

[Model: 90-2816]

Disposable Amalgam Separator

This disposable amalgam separator mounts to the back door of self-contained systems with internal vacuum pumps.

The internal suction canister is purged through the separator to capture amalgam particles. A dove-tail bracket design with push-to-release connectors simplifies replacement of cartridges.

The separator is designed as a Type 3 amalgam separator, and is tested to ISO 11143. The filter should be changed every six months or sooner, depending on usage.

The Rover™ Model 90-9201

Mobile Suction Cleaning Station

The Rover is a companion product to ASI Dental’s line of self-contained dental carts. It is designed to facilitate ease of cleaning for offices with multiple units. The Rover easily rolls into each room and can be placed alongside the ASI Triton systems to empty their contents.

Each Triton suction system purges into the large 5-gallon container in the Rover. The Rover also stores a ready supply of suction cleaner, concentrate, a rail system for holding wipes and disinfectant, and a small storage drawer for solids traps and other accessories to make cleaning turnaround of the carts easier.

Equip The Rover with an Amalgam Separator to eliminate the need to have redundant ones on each Triton self-contained cart, therefore reducing cost and improving purging speed.

The Rover has the capacity to service four Triton carts before needing to be emptied and cleaned. Roll the station into a utility room, plug it into an electrical outlet, and then purge the contents into a drain or quick connect to plumbing.

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Instrument Storage Trays & Monitor Mounts

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[Model: 90-T001]

Arm Mounted Tray

With swivel and dual pivoting arm.

Swivel tray is 13.7” x 9.5”.

[Model: 90-K001]

Ambidextrous Keyboard Mount for Miniature Keyboard

Fits on 2” post mount.

[Model: 90-1803]

Monitor Mount for Cart Systems, Standard

VESA-compliant, fits most flat-screen monitors. Features adjustable arm and swivel action. Attaches to side or rear of cart units. Monitor is not included. Ideal for Classic and Smaller Carts. Weight restrictions up to 20 lbs.

Optional post mounted keyboard tray pictured in gallery, PN 90-KP16

[Model: 90-1806]

Monitor Mount for Cart Systems, Heavy Duty

VESA-compliant. Mounts to the side or rear of any cart with supplied 2” post-riser and brackets. Monitor is not included. Ideal for Designer and Larger carts. Weight restrictions up to 28 lbs.

Optional post mounted keyboard tray pictured in gallery, PN 90-KP16

[Model: 90-1827]

Sliding Monitor Mount for Ambidextrous Systems

VESA-compliant, fits most flat-screen monitors. Features adjustable arm and swivel action. Attaches to rear of cart units. Monitor is not included. Slides to either side of the cart and up and down. Can only be used with 90-1054 and 90-2054 systems.

Casters & Holders


Upgrade Your Mobile Dental Unit Casters.

Standard Caster:  3-Inch Regular

  • 4-Inch Regular Caster [90-2708]
  • 5-Inch Regular Caster [90-2810]

All caster upgrades are sold as a set of 4.

Holder Bars

Add an instrument holder bar to your ASI Mobile Dental System.

  • NEW  Dual pivoting holder bar with riser  [90-H003] (pictured)
  • Single pivoting holder bar [90-H001]

Quick Connections

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[Model: 90-2800]

Airline Quick Connect for Self-Contained mobile dental systems to bypass the internal air compressor and utilize a central air compressor instead. [90-2800]

[Model: 95-0428]

Suction Line Quick Connect for Self-Contained mobile dental systems. For bypassing the internal vacuum system to utilize an external centeral vacuum.  [95-0428]

[Model: 90-2712]

Waste Purge Quick Connect for hands-free purging. Attach quick connect fitting to cabinetry. [90-2712]

[Model: 90-1831]

External Suction Exhaust Connection Kit – Self Contained Vacuum Systems [90-1831]

Ideal for exhausting nitrous oxide fumes from scavenging and suction air flow externally out of the treatment room and outside of the building.   Utilizes a flexible hose that quick connects to the suction exhaust port located on the back of the ASI Triton carts and then connects to a wall plate that can be installed by a plumber to connect to an external exhaust piping.  Multiple rooms can be equipped with a kit and connected to master trunk exhaust pipe.

Connection Kit includes flexible exhaust tubing with quick connect fittings, wall junction box and diagrams for installation.

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