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How it Works

This section describes what comes included in Triton Mobile Dental Unit including the engineering and manufacturing of the system along with basic information of how the self-contained dental unit features operate.  Please contact us if you would like additional information of any of these areas.

What’s Included in the Mobile Dental Delivery System

ASI’s Triton™ Series All-In-One Mobile Dental Systems contain everything you need to operate your air handpieces along with high and low volume suction and air water syringe. The system includes powerful air compressor, suction system and water supply.  All you need to do is plug it into a standard electrical outlet and add your handpieces.

Most popular are all-in-one systems that have both air compressor and vacuum.  However you can choose split delivery systems that have an operator’s mobile dental unit with only an air compressor or an assistant cart that only has a built-in suction system.

The systems can be customized with additional instruments including curing lights, ultrasonic handpieces and electric motors.  All of these dental instruments can be integrated into your mobile dental unit and are operated by one foot control.

Select from a wide range of ASI Dental Design bracket attachments, arm mounted tray and computer monitor mounts.

Engineering Performance & Durability of ASI Triton Series Mobile Dental Units

ASI’s 25 years of experience and in-depth, highly detailed and thoughtful engineering throughout the entire dental delivery system results in many unique features not found elsewhere. Our innovative development utilizes advanced designs in sound level reduction and high-level suction performance.

ASI’s high quality dental components including our control block system, internal valves, handpiece tubing connectors, and barb connectors are manufactured in the U.S.  from stainless steel rather than the plated brass components common to other dental units.

Stainless steel has greater strength for superior performance, lasting durability and corrosion resistance.   ASI’s titanium dental suction handpieces offer a higher degree of corrosion resistance than other metals making them ideal for evacuation in endodontic treatment.

The Triton™ Series Systems are comprised of a chassis built using metalcraft architecture using a thick-walled, high-grade aluminum that provides outstanding strength. The baked-on powder coat paint finish provides a durable and scratch resistant surface. The chassis is mounted on durable, heavy-duty casters to ensure smooth and easy movement yet with high sheer strength and dependability. On top, a solid surface engineered worktop provides an attractive, non-porous easy to clean surface that is made to hold up to the rigors of daily use.

ASI’s innovative handpiece holders feature a robust molded body design that articulates around the holder bar and from side to side for ideal instrument placement. Each holder is engineered to precisely fit the unique shapes of various instruments.

  • Water System

    A closed water system uses air pressure to provide regulated water delivery to the syringe and handpieces.  For peace of mind and meet many state requirements, the closed water system includes a water line disinfection cartridge standard.  ASI’s unique tandem dual water bottle system provides extra capacity yet allows one bottle to flow into the other allowing only one cartridge to be used to save costs on disinfection cartridges.

  • Compressor System Design and Performance

    The dental air compressor selected for its high output performance and oil-free air design that provides the proper combination of pressure and flow to properly run the major brands of handpieces at their required operating pressures.

    ASI uses two-stage aluminum air tanks to provide safe, non-corroding high-pressure capability.  The drying system removes condensation from the air supply to provide oil-free, clean, dry air for dental procedures.

  • Suction System Design and Performance

    The oil-less dental vacuum pump provides high suction air flow and strength which is optimal for dental suction requirements.  The high air flow allows both the saliva ejector and HVE to be used at the same time, which is unique for self-contained dental delivery systems.

    The Mobile Dental Unit incorporates a suction canister to capture and hold liquid during the day’s procedures.  As a safeguard, an electronically controlled float switch shuts off the vacuum pump in the event the canister fills up and includes an indicator light.   At the end of the day, the suction canister can be easily drained using the electric purge system that lets the unit be drained by hose into a sink or other drain and then can be disinfected and cleaned by flushing with rinse water with an enzymatic cleaner.  An external amalgam separator is an available option to capture waste particles to meet state requirements.

  • Vibration Minimization

    A key feature of ASI Dental Triton Systems is the reduction of vibration to the chassis and work surfaces through a dynamic mounting system of both the air compressor and suction pump.

  • Sound Silencing Engineering

    The engineering design substantially reduces and muffles sound wave energy from the air compressor and vacuum pump for quiet operation.  As a result, ASI Triton Dental Systems are very quiet compared to other portable air compressors and can only be truly appreciated by hearing in person.

  • Safety and Regulatory Requirements

    The Triton Portable Dental Units are manufactured meeting stringent medical protocols of ISO 13485 and UL electrical safety testing approvals and has market approval by FDA 510(k).