A Complete Line of Specialized Dental Operatory Equipment for The Modern Dental Treatment Room

Experience an Open Room Design, Patient Comfort and Operator Efficiency for Specialty Dental Treatment

  • A New Era

    Practice with ASI Dental Operatory Equipment to achieve state-of-the-art specialty dental offices with spacious modern dental treatment rooms. Our modular panel design allows the dental delivery system to be custom configured with the instrument types you desire. Not only do the modular panels allows you to stay on track with advancing techniques and evolving instrumentation, but they also permit on site replacement and upgradeability of each instrument. Invest in technology that is customizable with flexible designs to meet different treatment room requirements, delivery styles and ambidextrous needs.

  • Boundless Practice Locations with Spacious Treatment Rooms

    ASI’s advanced dental equipment is designed for dental projects of any scale, specialty, and physical location. Our total solution opens up new doors for startup opportunities in extraordinary areas. Create different ways to setup your dental treatment room with our space-saving designs that you won’t find with traditional side and rear dental cabinetry.

  • Do More with Less Effort

    At ASI, we focus on adapting our dental operatory equipment to you and your ability to perform advanced specialty dental procedures the way you want – with ease and with quick, convenient access to the dental equipment you need. We also care about your comfort. Our Momentum brand dental seating solutions and modular dental delivery systems are custom configured for the dental team, so you can practice dentistry ergonomically and conveniently.

  • Simplify Connections and Installation for Dental Equipment

    Simplified methods of utility connections can make construction of a dental office contractor-friendly and landlord-friendly. It can reduce build out costs while opening up the possibilities of site selection. ASI’s cart based dental delivery equipment, coupled with our utility connection dental J-box housings, make installation of equipment simple and easy – even for non-dental technicians. Simply roll carts into position and connect the umbilical to one of ASI’s unique dental equipment utility connection boxes that house your plumbing, electrical and data cabling. Furthermore, ASI’s plumb free Portable Dental Equipment does not require installation and only needs to be plugged into an electrical outlet.

  • Match Your Budget to Your Practice Phase

    With ASI’s simplified installation you can easily start your setup with as little as one room. As your practice grows, simply add the additional operatories as you need them. In today’s competitive environment, it makes sense to be able to financially scale the expansion of your practice to match patient receipts.  For further planning information see How To Plan Your Dental Room Setups and Office Build-Out” or contact us today.


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