An Ergonomic Solution for Dental Delivery Systems

An Economic Alternative to Cabinets

Designer & Classic Series Rear Treatment Wall Solutions

Freedom Dental System

concealment of the operating knobs and controls

Freedom Slimline Dental System

concealment of the operating knobs and controls

Designer Ambidextrous System

with assistant’s instruments & handpieces

ErgoEdge Dental System

ample work surface, large pull our keyboard tray and high-quality dental valves


Standard Features Include:

  • Fully-Operational Foundation

    Includes air/water syringe, chemical resistant titanium straight HVE and saliva ejector, and one liter self-contained water supply.

  • ASI’s Rail Storage System

    Includes two storage bins and a sharps container.   Select from an array of additional rail mounted accessories including glove boxes, bottles, file caddy storage and more to customize the rail storage as desired.

  • Storage

    Slide out tray for Keyboard or instruments. Six storage drawers with customizable dividers.

  • Ergonomic

    The assistant can position their cart right where they need it, eliminating unnecessary movement. Ratcheting handpiece holders allow for increased positioning options.


  • Cabinet Freedom

    Pair the Assistant’s System with a Doctor’s System for a clutter- and cabinet-free operatory.

  • Technology

    Office technology is at your fingertips with optional monitor mount and internal cable management.  Recessed, dedicated power strip along with air and water convenience outlets on back for operation of accessory items.

  • Built to Last

    Powder coated aluminum chassis, large engineered work surface, heavy-duty commercial grade casters, and components combine for a durable system.