ASI Equipment Tips

To Help Familiarize Yourself with ASI Equipment

Quick Connect for Compressed Air

Quick Connect for Compressed Air

ASI carts come equipped with a Quick Connect for compressed air that can be used for your dental treatment laser. The location of the available air source is on the back of our umbilical and self-contained carts. The images demonstrate our carts with the required air supply needed for your laser.

Mini Debris Storage Container

Endodontic Systems Come Standard with a Mini Debris Storage Container

Mounted to the corner of the handpiece holder bar, it is easily accessible to quickly discard files and burs as needed during procedures. Unscrew the container afterward to empty contents into an office sharps container. If you prefer, you can unscrew the funnel and place a standard small dixie cup on the bar as temporary storage, and remove the contents after each patient.

Chip Air Control

Chip Air Control

Often overlooked, this handy control feature allows dentists to easily switch between water/air combination spray for their high-speed handpieces or water only when performing surgical procedures without any air spray. The Chip Air knob is located standard on the left side of ASI dental delivery systems and allows control of the volume of air that exits the high speed. This is used to create a fog mist atomization of water from the handpiece but can also turn off all the way if desired to prevent air from entering surgical sites.

Standard Electrical Strip

All Carts Equipped with Convenient Electrical Strip

All ASI carts come standard with a convenient electric strip to connect all of your table top instruments and allow use of your implant motor.