Modern Dental Office Design Gallery

Ideas and Inspiration for Your Dental Treatment Room

Classic Systems

A compact system with a smaller footprint and standard colors. Available in cart and arm mounted styles.

Designer Systems

A larger system allowing greater instrument integration. Your choice of paint and Silestone worktop colors. Includes drawer or door options, as well as computer equipment storage.

Rear Treatment Systems

Eliminate the 12 o’clock cabinet. Assistant’s instruments come standard on rear treatment systems, along with configuration and storage options.

Teaching Programs

ASI systems are used in educational programs nationwide.

  • Dr. Victoria J. Ball

    Contemporary Endodontics of Oklahoma

    “The ASI cart allows for everything I could need for patient treatment to all be integrated into one location. The equipment is neat and organized allowing for maximized efficiency and ergonomics. It is the ultimate space-saver. Without the ASI cart, I would be forced to use more cabinetry and lose the open design concept.”

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  • Dr. Kaveh Zand

    District Endodontics – Washington D.C.

    “I wanted a very high tech, modern, and ‘open’ concept for the office with minimal paper, clutter, cables, and foot pedals.”

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  • Dr. Jordan Hansen

    White Pine Endodontics – Providence, UT

    “I wanted to be able to have an open, well-lit operatory, with a lot of space so someone doesn’t feel trapped.”

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  • Dr. Heath Parry

    Lone Tree Endodontics – Lone Tree, CO

    “The cleanliness and order achieved through a minimalist office design provide an unspoken reassurance in the quality of care. Recognizing the prevalence of dental anxiety, I wanted to create a clutter-free environment.”

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