Dr. Greg Jorgensen & Dr. Brent Jorgensen

Jorgensen Orthodontics


Client: Dr. Greg Jorgensen & Dr. Brent Jorgensen
Model: Freedom Slimline Orthodontic-Hygiene Delivery System
Date: 2022
Office: Jorgensen Orthodontics
Website: www.jorgensenorthodontics.com

Why we chose ASI…
After carefully evaluating every offering at the AAO annual session, our choice of ASI delivery units for our new office was easy. Considering the design, materials, and workmanship, nothing else came close! We are currently replacing the old units in a recently acquired office with ASI units and plan to do the same in our main office. After a full year in use, we have no regrets whatsoever.
– Drs. Greg and Brent Jorgensen