About ASI

Advanced Endodontic Systems® and Advanced Dental Systems®



ASI is located in Englewood, Colorado. We have been a leading developer and manufacturer of Advanced Dental Systems® since 1994. John McPeek started ASI with the purpose of providing unique dental equipment solutions. These solutions range from ergonomic dental instruments to custom integrated dental delivery systems, operated from only one foot control. ASI’s innovative products are designed for the modern dental treatment center. They are developed through a combination of interactive feedback from our customers and thoughtful engineering, which makes ASI’s dental delivery systems so comprehensive, complete and customizable.

Product Lines

ASI mobile dental systems are marketed under the trade name Triton™. Fully integrated dental delivery systems are under the registered trademarks of Advanced Dental Systems® and Advanced Endodontic Systems®. The endodontic irrigation line is marketed under the trade name RootDown™.

ASI’s Advanced line of dental delivery units include standard dental units with essential air handpiece connections, air water syringe and dental suction instruments. They are built with the ability to upgrade certain options such as electric motors, piezo ultrasonic handpieces and curing lights. Integrated options include apex locators, obturation, electric rotary and high-speed dental motors, and piezo ultrasonic handpieces.

ASI’s Triton™ line of portable and mobile dental systems allows dentists and hygienists to set up an office without plumbing. They are also used for mobile dental delivery applications requiring self-contained dental equipment. For more information about our leading portable dental systems, please visit asidental.com/portable.

Personal Attention and Value

In order to better serve our customers and eliminate unnecessary price mark ups, ASI sells direct to dentists and institutions. This allows us to give our customers personal attention and to better learn their needs. We get timely feedback and product suggestions while offering better value by providing high quality, innovative dental equipment at a reasonable price.


Made in America with Advanced Manufacturing Techniques

ASI’s unique capabilities allow product development from concept to completion. Our major components are manufactured in the United States. This allows us complete control, ensuring our exacting standards and requirements are met.

Advanced Manufacturing

Our ability to produce complex and micro components, coupled with selective molding capabilities brings our innovative product designs to life.

ASI’s manufacturing process includes a dedicated machining operation. This operation makes it possible to produce components from materials such as titanium, stainless steel and various grades of chemical resistant plastic.

Our chassis structures are made from high-grade, thick-walled aluminum using advanced laser cutting along with robotic bending to yield precise and consistent results.

Quality System

ASI is proud to have our manufacturing processes approved and registered to ISO 13485 Quality Standards. This assures our processes meet the strict requirements for quality regulations and procedures.

ASI Made in USA

Giving Back

In addition to giving to local and veteran charities, ASI is a proud contributor to the dental community including the American Association of Endodontists, Pacific Endodontic Research Foundation, Smile Train and numerous national teaching programs.

ASI Founded

1992 – ASI is founded by John W. McPeek, who began development of a new concept for self-contained mobile dental equipment that would rival in-office equipment in performance and be esthetically pleasing compared to the crude portable dental equipment that was in existence.


1994 – ASI completes their first product introduction with the SEAC Mobile Dental System, which had great early success and quickly grew sales and referrals. Many of the features developed for the unique design of the powerful, yet very quiet air compressor and vacuum system designs, are still used today in our most current versions.

Advanced Dental Systems®

1997 – ASI introduces the Advanced Dental System®. This system combined the self-contained features of a built in air compressor and vacuum system with air handpieces, along with integrated dental instruments that could operate off of only one foot control. This allowed convenience of ease of access to multiple types of dental instrumentation.

Advanced Endodontic Systems®

1998 – ASI introduces the Advanced Endodontic System®. This system was amazing for the specialized practice, as it combined the new burgeoning array of electronic endodontic instruments with only one foot control. This created a paradigm in removing clutter from the specialist office while giving improved access to instruments. Models were all originally developed with a built-in air compressor and optional vacuum system, and have since evolved to also become standard models that can be plumbed.

Triton Mobile Dental System

2006 – ASI introduces a new generation of advancement for portable dental equipment with the introduction of the Triton™ Mobile Dental System. This system built on the many proven features but included better vacuum performance, sturdier construction and enhancements to the controls for the dental unit.

Military Grade

2008 – ASI completes development of a military grade mobile dental system with the 2025M Deployable Model of the Triton™ Series. It was developed for the needs of the military to transport and use the system in remote field locations. It provides dual voltage capability for use anywhere in the world and includes a hardened transport case with reinforced internal support components for transporting and drops. This model is selected for use and purchase by all branches of the U.S. military.

Classic & Designer Flex Assistant’s Systems

2015/2016 – AAE15 ASI debuts the Classic Flex Assistant’s Dental Cart, a complement its doctor’s dental delivery systems, eliminating the need for a 12 O’Clock cabinet. With continued research and development, this system was released for purchase in early 2016, and followed later that same year by the release of the Designer Series Flex Assistant’s Dental Cart.    

ASI Introduces The Glider™

2023 – ASI introduces the The Glider™. Eliminating the need for multiple carts, stands, and awkward reaching instruments, ASI introduces a first-of-its-kind fully integrated solution for dental surgery procedures. The Glider™ provides efficient dental implant and surgical procedures as an integrated over-the-patient dental surgical table, designed to be positioned over a stranded and surgical style edental patient chair for both stand-up or sit-down procedures.