Customer Reviews of ASI Dental Delivery Systems

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Cart-Based Dental Operatory Design

Dr. Del Mastro discusses designing his operatory with ASI’s Doctor & Assistant carts.

Dental and Assistant Cart Based Dental Treatment Room Design

Dr. Hansen and Assistant, Jessica Wuthrich discuss their ASI cart-based treatment suite.

Mobile Self-Contained Dental System

Dr. Massad’s new treatment suite incorporates ASI’s modular platform with doctor & assistant’s carts, as well as procedure cart.

Dr. Jason Read

Integrated Endodontic Delivery System

Dr. Read discusses benefits of instrument integration with single foot control and his left-handed system configuration.

ASI Freedom Orthodontic Delivery Cabinet

Dr. Gregston discusses what ASI equipment he chose to design his new minimalist orthodontic office in Parker, Colorado!

Nothing Else Came Close!

“After carefully evaluating every offering at the AAO annual session, our choice of ASI delivery units for our new office was easy. Considering the design, materials, and workmanship, nothing else came close! We are currently replacing the old units in a recently acquired office with ASI units and plan to do the same in our main office. After a full year in use, we have no regrets whatsoever.”


Drs. Greg and Brent JorgensenJorgensen Orthodontics

Open Concept

“I strived for an open concept where I’m free to move for ideal ergonomics and for direct vision access during my surgeries. The ASI units are designed for endodontics and bring the clinical day to day endo flow to another advanced level.”

Dr. Peter TawilGovernors Endodontics


“The ASI dental units are so user-friendly. Handpiece modes are easy to adjust and it was easy to change our suctions for our new COVID-19 protocols. The ASI Team went above and beyond to ensure that our units were running well and our filters were up to date. The quality of the machine, sleek design, and attentive customer support enables us to provide the best care to our patients.”

Dr. Tera PooleUniform Teeth

All-In-One ASI Cart

“I have used my all-in-one ASI cart for several months now and it allows the ability for me to have everything I need at my fingertips. It is convenient and extremely customizable giving me everything I need.”

Dr. Michael DyriwElite Endodontics

Minimalist and Clutter-Free

“The cleanliness and order achieved through a minimalist office design provide an unspoken reassurance in the quality of care. Recognizing the prevalence of dental anxiety, I wanted to create a clutter-free environment.”

Dr. Heath ParryLone Tree Endodontics

Dr. BakerSeamless Integration

“The seamless integration of every endodontic device onto a single arm or cart with a single foot pedal greatly reduces treatment times, increases patient perception of experience, an has enhanced our practice’s ability to provide the highest level of endodontic care.”

Dr. Nathan Baker

Dr. Scott BiggsSimply the Best

“The ASI cart is simply the best piece of equipment I have in my practice. It simplifies treatment and maintains the highest level of ergonomics while in the chair.”

Dr. Scott Biggs

Dr. Jake ReynoldsDental Professionals

“Very reputable, solid company with equally great product. Highly recommend to any dental professional.”

Dr. Jake Reynolds

Dr. Anthony JohnEfficiently Effective

“Good solid cart with my tools (rotary and ultrasonic) ready to grab for efficiently effective care.”

Dr. Anthony John

Doctor MazNever Go Back

“Once you use the ASI cart, you will never go back to the traditional dental equipment.”

Dr. Maz Ebrahimi

Gone Digital

“My office is completely digital. Patients have come to expect technology in our offices to be up to date and are impressed when it works well. My ASI cart provides me with everything I need in one place. Integrated with a PC and monitor allows me to both treat efficiently and educate my patients effortlessly. My carts have the equipment layouts I specified and they look great. I wouldn’t have anything else!”

Dr. Adam Davis

Complete & Comprehensive

“ASI is the most complete, comprehensive delivery cart for endodontic therapy.”

Dr. Mark Limosani

Ops Feel Spacious and Uncluttered

“The ASI carts and office planning resources allowed me to design my ops as I envisioned them without the need to higher a designer or planner. The minimalist op design allows the ops to feel spacious and uncluttered, yet everything we need is there.”

Dr. Brett CawleyLa Vista Endodontics

Ergonomically Designed

“I have been using ASI dental carts since 1999. I would highly recommend ASI to any dental professional without hesitation. John McPeek and his great staff have been invaluable to my endo practice. The ASI dental carts are outstanding all in one dental delivery carts that look great and are ergonomically well designed to suit your dental needs.”

Dr. Sanjay Patel

Everything an Endodontist Needs

“You are breathing unique air when you are using ASI. It has everything an endodontist could possibly need in a delivery system. From its attractive design, customization, use of a single foot controller and endless options, there is no need to look elsewhere. I finally feel like my office is complete.”

Dr. Joseph Zerella

Forefront of Design

“ASI products stand at the forefront of design, quality and flexibility of use. To me it is the standard of care!”

Dr. Lisa Tyler

I Saved Thousands

“I love my ASI carts. Compact, efficient, and very cool looking. I saved on my built-out many thousands by having the vacuum and compressor within the units.”

Dr. Amru AlbeirutiForest Hills Endodontics

Unique & Custom Built

Every clinician is unique. Shouldn’t your equipment setup be as well? ASI equipment is custom built to your specifications and allows you to focus on how best to care for patients.

Dr. Dave Carter

An Excellent Addition

“Why didn’t I listen to my colleagues, TDO chat friends, and Dr. Gary Carr much sooner? The ASI cart has been an excellent addition to my operatory, and the assistant cart has been very well received by my team. They love it.”

Dr. Roy Nesari


“Love my carts! Couldn’t be nearly as efficient without them.”

Dr. Nathan Dewsnup

Plumbing Freedom

“Professional, informative, and caring customer service. This product is in my life because I needed to move and did not want to redesign another office with needed plumbing. Quality, professional looking cart. Now if I have to move again, I have something to take with me.”

Dr. Susan Chan

Great Design

“Jeremy and all the staff at ASI were a delight to work with. High quality product and great design. I highly recommend the company and their products.”

Dr. Ali Aminlari

Efficient Practice

“The ASI cart has made my practice run very efficiently. It is very ergonomically sound, and I would recommend that all endodontists incorporate it into their practice.”

Dr. Tameika Wheeler-Hall

Always Happy with ASI

“I have been using ASI systems since 1999. I continue to purchase additional systems over time and am always happy with their products.”

Dr. Chris Noel


“ASI carts are easy to use and have been an exceptional addition to our office space.”

Dr. Heidi Wettels

Love the Look

“The carts are great. The other vendors who did not understand why I wanted the carts and everything set up this specific way told me this week that they love the way everything looks. I am super happy with ASI and their service.”

Dr. Jay Bayat

Nothing Better

“There is no better delivery system for endodontists.”

Dr. Jeff Pafford

Customization Capabilities

“This is a great product! The unique customization capabilities are invaluable.”

Dr. Gregory K An, DDS, MPH

Increased Efficiency

“With use of custom designed ASI Endodontic Carts, we have integrated electronic/air-driven/rotary handpieces, ultrasonic systems, obturation units, micro-irrigation and micro-suction into one compact unit which increases efficiency and helps manage difficult endodontic procedures.”

Dr. Art Lamia, DDS, MS

High-Tech Image

“Patients always comment to me and the GP’s how High-Tech my office is. I could not be happier with the product and service from ASI.”

Dr. John Archible

My Third ASI Cart

“This is the third endo cart which I have ordered over the past few years from ASI Medical and they get better and better. It perfectly complements my new endodontic office and simply makes the delivery of my endodontic care seamless and more enjoyable.”

Dr. Sanjeev Bhanderi

Loyal ASI Customer

“I have been using ASI Endodontic carts for a number of years in two practices. As an Endodontist I am used to dealing with a number of machines and foot pedals. The biggest advantage of ASI carts is to reduce the amount of mess in my working environment. This helps with the safety and tidiness of the practice, while the cart design is very elegant and impressive in front of patients.”

Dr. Vida Adib

Without Hesitation

“ASI did everything they said they would do… The product has worked great. I would do the same thing again without hesitation.”

Dr. David Fife

An Endodontist’s Dream Come True…

“An Endodontist’s dream come true… everything together on one unit working perfectly together.”

Dr. Michael Marmo

Great Asset

“Great asset to any practice. Everything is at your fingertips. I don’t trip over all the foot pedals anymore!”

Dr. Ed Kosakoski

Top-Notch Customer Service

“The customer service I received from ASI was top-notch. They have been very responsive, professional, and courteous. Above all, the carts function extremely well.”

Dr. Jeff Kotz

Beautiful Design

“ASI carts put everything I need at my fingertips with a beautiful design and very clean look… no cords, no foot pedals in the way.”

Dr. Ryan Burleson


“ASI offers an ergonomic delivery system that is highly effective.”

Dr. Michael Trudeau

Best on Market

“Best cart product on the market for endodontics in a GP office. Holds everything neat and clean with easy access, clean up, and storage.”

Dr. Lance Gunter