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Plumb-Free Office Solutions

Dr. Duraiz explains how ASI made it easier to find the right location since he did not have to do any plumbing or get a contractor.

Modern General Practice Design

Dr. Roxane Katiya reveals her minimalist General Practice design and explains how she established her practice with limited options.

Dr Massad, Modern Dental Office Design

Modern Dental Office Design

Dr. Joe Massad discusses how he used ASI Portable Dental Delivery Systems

Lestonnac Health Clinic

We spoke to a few General Dentists that volunteer for Lestonnac Free Clinic, and they shared why they prefer to use ASI portable units at health fairs.

Dr Lauren Busch Customer Review

Plumb-Free Pediatric and Orthodontic Dental Delivery Systems

We visited Dr. Lauren Busch in Colorado Springs, CO, watch to see what she had to say about the ASI Triton Plumb-free System!

20 Years with ASI Self Contained Dental Carts

Dr. David McWhinnie of Skokie, IL discusses his experience with ASI’s Mobile Dental Carts over the last 20 years.

Angie Rhoades, Mobile Dental Hygiene Unit

Mobile Dental Hygiene Unit

Angie Rhoades, Owner/Operator of Smile Logic, an independent Dental Hygiene Office

Mobile Dental Patient Care

Dr. Rich Bailey discusses the mobile application of his ASI Dental Cart

Modern General Practice Design

Unparalleled customer service in sales and after sales. Beautiful, modern, quiet and easy to maintain units customized to each clients esthetics. Plumb-free and mobile. 200% satisfied with my purchase.

Dr. Roxane KatiyaSt-Bruno, QuébecGeneral Dentist

No Plumbing or Contractor Needed

ASI made it easier to find the right location since I did not have to do any plumbing and did not have to get a contractor. Because of ASI, everything in my office is mobile. I can pack my office and move locations, which made it easy to negotiate my lease agreement.

Dr. Zarrar DuraizDenver, CO

ASI Perfect For Our Needs

We actually tried a different type of mobile compressor unit before we purchased our ASI unit, and we were not pleased at all with its performance.  But the cart from ASI has been perfect for our needs.  Its a great design in function and form.

Amanda BurrowsWaukesha, WIBubon Orthodontics

The Perfect Solution

The Georgia School of Orthodontics (GSO) in Atlanta was expanding. Patients were eager to begin treatment but the clinic was still under construction. By using the ASI 2021 portable units, the GSO  became fully functional almost immediately. This was the fastest and most economical way for GSO to expand its reach. Our clinical team enjoys using the units to deliver high quality orthodontic care to our patients!

Dr. Noam GreenFacultyGeorgia School of Orthodontics

I was looking for a all-in-one delivery unit and ASI delivered!

I am a independent Practicing Hygienist with a smaller space and didn’t want to put in a whole compression/evacuation system and this unit is amazing! It’s quiet in a small space. It’s extremely well-built and solid and easy to operate. Plus it’s American made!

Pamela SargentSearsmont, ME

Very Well Engineered

I don’t think people realize how great of a product this mobile unit is. It is very well engineered, easy to use, low maintenance, and extremely quiet with multiple expansion options. Most practitioners are comparing your unit with others on the market and that is a problem because your unit is nothing like this. If a clinician setting up a new office knew how efficient this unit was they wouldn’t go to the expense of having all the contractual work completed at their office. My hygienist loves this cart and raves about it constantly to her colleagues and patients. Thank you.

Dr. Tanner DoeringAlberta Denture Clinic

They’re Quiet, Strong and Reliable

I chose these ASI units after scouring and testing other traditional and mobile units. These offer a ton of advantages over alternatives. For one, they’re quiet, strong and reliable. Others were noisy, bulky, and required huge installation costs… These units opened up freedom to design a more patient-centric practice location.”

Dr. Kjeld AamodtSan Francisco, CA

Whisper Quiet

The ASI cart is whisper quiet, in fact when I went to the showroom and asked if I could listen to the cart, Dana said the cart was actually turned on!  The auto holder on the cart is an additional feature that is wonderful.  I do not have to turn on and off the HVE valve.  It turns off automatically when I hang it up. The appearance is very clean and professional. You will not be disappointed with this cart!  It is so worth the extra investment.  Hands down it is the best cart on the market, I am so pleased with my decision to purchase. Customer service is outstanding as well.

Tricia ComstockMontrose, CO


The ASI dental units are so user-friendly. Handpiece modes are easy to adjust and it was easy to change our suctions for our new COVID-19 protocols. The ASI Team went above and beyond to ensure that our units were running well and our filters were up to date. The quality of the machine, sleek design, and attentive customer support enables us to provide the best care to our patients.

Dr. Tera PooleSan Francisco, CA

Extremely Well Built

Extremely well built and customer service above anything I have had in the past. Would do business with this company again.

Dr. Mark GregstonParker & Castle Rock, CO

Portable Dental Unit for O.R. Needed STAT

Like many pieces of medical equipment at Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre, the mobile dental cart that’s used by the team of Dentists in the Operating Room is invaluable. Without it, procedures cannot be performed and patient care comes to a standstill.

Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences CentreNorthwestern Ontario

Over 20 Years of Dedication

I have been using self-contained units from ASI in my orthodontic practice for over 20 years. They are very reliable and efficient. The company offers great support for repairs or replacement parts as needed.

Dr. Bradley GoldsamtCedarhurst, NY

Unique & Custom

Every clinician is unique. Shouldn’t your equipment setup be as well? ASI equipment is custom built to your specifications and allows you to focus on how best to care for patients.

Dr. Dave CarterToledo, OH

Powerful & Quiet

Powerful suction and quiet compressor. Configuration is very easy to use, and it is attractive. The Saliva ejector is much easier to use with the Cavitron than my prior unit.

A fabulous unit for an independent dental hygiene office. So much flexibility to relocate. I wish I had purchased one sooner.

Sherry LanePagosa Springs, CO

Professional, Clean & Powerful

Love, Love, Love it! Very durable and easy to use. The design is very professional, clean and powerful. Thank you so much!

Ellen QuinnCumberland Family Medical | Burksville, KY

Superior Strength

Being in a hurricane prone area, I found this equipment to be most useful in conjunction with a small generator. The equipment itself works as good if not better than my built in compressor and suction unit. Handpiece and suction strength are superior to my existing units.

Dr. Clive RosenbuschBoca Raton, FL


The unit we chose for our temporary operatory was perfect. The accessories chosen by our salesperson were also helpful, just the ones we needed. The unit performed great. We attached a quick disconnect and we were off and running, same day. We plan to use it in our new satellite office. I cancelled one of the Pelton Crane units!

Dr. James Pignataro Huntsville, AL


I used to wake up at night, wondering if my handpeice or suction pressure was going to be sufficiently strong the following day. When you work in the operating room with children under general anesthesia you need to count on reliable dental equipment such as the ASI dental cart. I do not wake up at night any longer before my surgical days.

Dr. Raul PerezJacksonville, FL

Superb Quality

My new office was custom designed to perform state of the art endodontics. The ASI delivery units allowed me to take this customization to the ultimate level. I like having the selection of different companies’ components. The quality of workmanship and materials is superb. The access to staff, all the way from the president and chief designer to the technical support team is tremendous.

Dr. Rodrick PearlineSaint Loius, MO

ASI is a company that innovates

Most dentists are not using user-friendly equipment, and if you’re going to be doing something every day of your career, you’re going to want the best equipment available, you want to have something that is easy to use, that is aesthetically pleasing to look at and the ASI cart is exactly what I needed for my practice.

Dr. Rich BaileyMoscow, Idaho

New Location

When I moved my practice to a new location, I decided to use self-contained units. Jeremy from ASI was very helpful, and we got a unit that is simple to use and maintain.

Angie Rhoades, Owner Operator of Smile LogicBroomfield, ColoradoSmile Logic


I am very impressed with the system; it is simple, clean, quiet and efficient.

Dr. Sheldon NewmanLouisville, CO

The Key Factor

It was the key factor that allowed me to put the office together as quickly as I did.

Dr. Donald MillsAshland, OR

Save Time & Money

I have been using ASI portable dental units for several years now. I have been very pleased with its design, efficiency and performance. I have also saved a lot of time and money on plumbing requirements.

Dr. Joseph NettlesMobile, AL

Top-Notch Customer Service

The customer service I received from ASI was top-notch. They have been very responsive, professional, and courteous. Above all the carts function extremely well.

Dr. Jeff KotzCharleston, SC

Love it!

We love our new dental cart!

Dr. Keith KellySt. Francis O.R. | Tulsa, OK


Works like a charm!

Dr. William HoolihanPalm Desert, CA

The Gold Standard

I have had the opportunity to work with many medical and dental companies in my career.  I can not praise the ASI Dental System enough, as well as the office of people behind the scenes at ASI, from receptionist to assembly line.  This company sets the gold standard with their products and service.

Dr. Timothy IcenhowerSan Antonio, TX

Well Designed & Well Built

Very well designed unit. When I first saw it, it looked too good to be true. Well built machine… very easy to maintain… highly impressed.

Jerry HebertService Technician | Randalls Town, MA

Easy Installation

Very easy to install.  Very silent.  I’ve had it for almost a year and have had no problems.

Dr. Daniel FloruWoburn, MA

Superb Performance

Since 1994, I have been using Portable Dental Units to treat my patients. Invariably, I have used a few different types of units from different manufacturers. Two years ago, I switched to ASI’s 90-2025 model, and I have been very much satisfied with that decision. The performance of this unit is superb and I consider my self very fortunate to have this unit as my work horse in my school based and community programs.

Dr. Emanuel FinnWashington, D.C.

More Efficient

Well constructed, heavy duty… easy to maintain.  Thanks for the help in making the office run easier and more efficient.

Dr. Corey DikeSteven’s Point, WI

As soon as the construction was complete, we were set up and ready to go the next day.  Quiet machine, works excellent.

Andrea DuncanHygienist | Dr. Steve Deem, Broken Arrow, OK

Clean & Simple

One of the best ways to keep a dental operatory clean and simple. Worked great from day one, no problem from restorative to endo and oral surgery. Patients comment on how attractive the unit is with décor.

Dr. Blake DayleyMeridian, ID

Excellent Service

It has been a delight to work with ASI. They have been very responsive to all our needs. The ASI self-contained system has provided us excellent service.

Dr. Douglas Berkey Lakewood, CO

Cleaner Setup

We have been using the self-contained ASI dental units for more than 10 years. We have been very happy with their performance. We use compact air abrasion directly from the units and there is plenty of pressure and air flow to run them. Since we started using the ASI Self-contained units we have moved our office twice as the practice grew. We didn’t incur the specialty plumbing costs that most dental offices incur with these moves. These units do away with the need for many feet of compressed air, suction and water lines that is typically required in a dental office which results in a cleaner setup. If a compressor or vacuum pump fails we have instant backups in the form of other units. The noise is not a significant factor due to the fact that the compressor and vacuum pumps are running on demand. They don’t run continuously. Support has been good and our local dental repair service can deal easily with these types of units.

Dr. David McWhinnie Skokie, IL

Proven in Iraq

ASI is the only maker of stand alone dental delivery units for dentist. Proven in Iraq after all other military units failed after sand storms and why they all replaced them with the ASI delivery system. She is a go to person to find out about their units.

Paul W. BottoneDenver, CO

Outstanding Functionality

I feel the design is sleek and small enough to fit in small or large settings. The functionality is outstanding and performs as well as an installed air/water/hand piece unit. It’s mobility gives freedom to move the unit quickly and easily for use at other dental chairs.

Jan RickerGeorgia School of Orthodontics