Advanced Dental Delivery Systems

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Model #90-2143E

The Classic Series

The Classic Series provide a more compact footprint yet is full featured and accommodates a variety of popular instrument configurations. The dental cart features standard white powder coat finish with a Wilsonart solid surface white worktop. The compact footprint lends itself to fitting into most sizes of treatment rooms and can be more readily positioned on the left or right side of the room for ambidextrous requirements. Complement the treatment unit with a Classic Assistants Cart


Model 2134EC

Model #90-2134E/C

The Designer Series

ASI’s most versatile, full featured advanced dental delivery system provides greater instrument integration. It is designed to achieve a high-end look for the modern day, state-of-the-art treatment room and is available with a selection of custom paint finishes and Silestone worktops.

The interior design of Designer Series accommodates both additional table top instruments that can be placed out of view yet accessible and more complete hidden cable and wire management for computer system and monitors for an uncluttered appearance. Complement the treatment system with a Designer Series Assistants Cart for a matching set.