Designer Advanced Dental Systems

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Designer Series Dental System Product Line

ASI’s most versatile, full featured advanced dental delivery system.

2134EC Designer Advanced Cart

iTech System

Dental System with Computer Equipment Storage

Model 2133

Drawer System

Dental System with 4 Storage Drawers

Model 2115

Compressed Air System

Doctor’s Self-Contained Dental System with Internal Air Compressor

Dual Air & Suction

Doctor & Assistant Self-Contained Dental System

About the Designer Series

ASI’s most versatile, full featured advanced dental delivery system. It is designed to achieve a high-end look for the modern day, state-of-the-art treatment room. The spacious Designer series accommodates the widest range of electronic instrumentation and features which can reduce or eliminate the need for expensive storage cabinetry in the operatory.

Designer systems act as an impressive stand-alone side delivery system that can be coupled with a Designer Series Assistant cart for a total operatory solution. They also can be equipped with an assistant’s instrument package for a dual purpose 12 o’clock dental delivery system.

The system includes a variety of worktop and color selections that can be tailored to complement the look of your treatment room. Select your Silestone® worktop and custom exterior color.

Configuration styles include chassis models with storage drawers, an internal storage shelf compartment, or an integrated fan cooled compartment and dedicated electrical cabling for housing a computer system.

Designer Dental Operatory