Classic Series Dental Delivery Systems

Full featured yet smaller footprint with moderate instrument integration capability | Advanced Endodontic Systems®

Model 90-2143E with Door Access

Advanced Dental Delivery System with Enclosed Slide Out Water Supply. Optional accessory brackets and computer montior and CPU connections

Model 90-2140E with Storage Drawers

Advanced Dental Delivery System with 4 Storage Drawers. External Mount for Water Bottles. Accessory brackets and Computer Monitor/CPU mount available.

Classic ReFit Dental Unit, 90-2143ES

Model 90-2143ES ReFit with Door Access

Reduced height makes a great modular dental delivery system to fit underneath existing dental cabinet countertops.

The Classic Series

The Classic Series line up is a full featured yet smaller version version of ASI’s advanced dental delivery systems. The compact footprint lends itself to fitting into most sizes of treatment rooms yet still accommodates a variety of popular instrument configurations. Ideally suited for side instrument delivery, the systems can also accommodate right/left handed needs by moving to either side of the dental chair within the treatment room.

Configuration styles include two models.  One provides door access in the lower chassis with a convenient slide out for water bottles and limited internal storage for electronic or a compact CPU.   The other model features storage drawers with the water bottle system mounted on the back along with any optional computer equipment.

Available standard in durable white powder coat finish with an attractive white solid surface worktop to complement dental office color themes.