90-9201 Rover

The Rover ™ Model 90-9201

Mobile Suction Cleaning Station

Made & Manufactured in the USA

The Rover™ – Mobile Suction Cleaning Station

Model: 90-9201

The Rover is a companion product to ASI Dental’s line of self-contained dental carts. It is designed to facilitate ease of cleaning for offices with multiple units. The Rover easily rolls into each room and can be placed alongside the ASI Triton systems to empty their contents.

Each Triton suction system purges into the large 5-gallon container in the Rover. The Rover also stores a ready supply of suction cleaner, concentrate, a rail system for holding wipes and disinfectant, and a small storage drawer for solids traps and other accessories to make cleaning turnaround of the carts easier.

Equip The Rover with an Amalgam Separator to eliminate the need to have redundant ones on each Triton self-contained cart, therefore reducing cost and improving purging speed.

The Rover has the capacity to service four Triton carts before needing to be emptied and cleaned. Roll the station into a utility room, plug it into an electrical outlet, and then purge the contents into a drain or quick connect to plumbing.

Graphite Gray

23.12″ Width x 31.25″ Height x 22.2″ Depth

50 lbs