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Triton Deployable Portable Dental Units

Rugged Transportable Models

Made & Manufactured in the USA

Triton Deployable Dental Units Overview

Features two models ready for use by simply plugging into an electrical outlet. Dental systems are designed for full procedure capability and are equipped to operate the water system, air handpiece connections, and the suction handpieces.

Model 90-2625: A more compact and lightweight unit intended for transport and simple set up. Includes air handpiece connections, air/water syringe, and powerful suction from saliva ejector and high-volume evacuator. Optional built in instruments can include an electric high/low speed motor and a piezo ultrasonic handpiece. Unit features a height adjustable handpiece holder bar which allows the system to be used for both stand up and sit-down dental treatment. Includes a stainless-steel work tray that can be placed on top of the case for an additional working area.

Model 90-2025M: Military grade, fully self-contained dental delivery system includes on-board water bottles with an oil less air compressor and suction system. Features dual voltage capability. Includes three air handpiece connections, air water syringe, saliva ejector, high volume evacuator, and deployable shipping case.

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