Triton™ Series Model 90-2025M

Restorative Dental Delivery System – Self-Contained, Military Grade


Triton™ Restorative Dental Delivery System – Dual Voltage Self-Contained, Military Grade

Model: 90-2025M

Includes two fiber optic high speed and one low speed handpiece connections, air/ water syringe, straight high-volume evacuator, saliva ejector and dual closed water bottle system with waterline disinfection treatment cartridge. Air compressor, vacuum pump with electric waste purge, suction exhaust bacteriostatic filter, dual voltage with power conditioner 1200 watts and grounding strap. Durable white powder coat finish, solid surface worktop, heavy-duty 4″ casters and military grade deployable shipping case with handpiece holder, foot control bags and repair kit.

“ASI is the only maker of stand alone dental delivery units for dentist. Proven in Iraq after all other military units failed after sand storms and why they all replaced them with the ASI delivery system.”

– Paul W. Bottone, Alpha Omega Denver Chapter Dental & Student Fraternity