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The Triton Portable Split Delivery & Assistant Dental Systems

Customize Your Dental Office Design

Triton Split Delivery Dentist & Assistant Unit Overview

Split delivery is designed to work with four-handed dentistry but utilizes one cart for an assistant and a dedicated doctor’s cart. Doctor’s that don’t prefer rear delivery can work in a front delivery mode by positioning this unit to the front or the side of the room.

Model 90-2015: Doctor’s self-contained unit contains an air compressor and comes standard with three handpiece connections and an air/water syringe. Available upgrades include additional instruments such as ultrasonics, fiber optics, electric motors, etc. Simply plug in the unit to operate.

Model 90-2006: Assistant’s unit features a keyboard drawer and can add a monitor mount and ASI’s rail system. The cart includes suction instruments, a vacuum pump, and a built-in air compressor to pressurize the air/water syringe and water bottles. The unit’s positioning is dedicated to the assistant.


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