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Triton Family of Restorative Portable Dental Systems

Selecting the right dental cart for you and where to place them in the room.

Triton Full Restorative Dental Unit Overview

Series is designed for four-handed dentistry with a dentist and an assistant. Units are designed for full procedure capability and come standard with three handpiece connections, one air/water syringe, and suction instruments as a base model.

Model 90-2025: Smaller, compact version that includes three handpiece connections and a syringe on the doctor’s bar. The Assistant can position a separate swivel bar to best meet their ergonomic needs. The unit includes a separate saliva ejector, HVE, and an additional air/water syringe. It is positioned in rear delivery between the doctor and the assistant.

Model 90-2026: Slightly wider work surface that smoothly slides left to right to bring the surface closer to the patient area if desired. The unit features a keyboard drawer and can add a monitor on the back. Easily add storage tubs, a sharps container, shelves, etc. with ASI’s rail system. This unit comes with the handpieces and suction instruments on one side, but the assistant instruments can be set on the other side and effortlessly drawn across the cart. Another option is to set both sides with two sets of instruments for ambidextrous needs.

Model 90-2126: Slightly larger worktop to provide an ample work surface area and features a keyboard drawer. The unit comes with a stone top standard and can add a monitor mount, storage tubs, and ASI rail accessories. Within seconds, you can easily convert the cart to right-handed or left-handed by simply sliding the track with handpiece connections and suction instruments.

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