Features & Benefits

The Orthodontic/Hygiene dental cart is a fully self-contained portable dental delivery system. It is internally equipped with a water system, an internal oil-less air compressor, and suction system. The air system powers handpieces and pressurizes the water system, while the suction system allows operation of the included titanium high volume evacuator (HVE) and saliva ejector. A connection to central utilities is not required. Just plug it into a standard electrical outlet.

  • Suction Exhaust Bacteriostatic Filter to filter air exhaust down to .2 microns for bacterial and viral agents
  • Internal Air Compressor and Vacuum Pump
  • One High Speed Air-Driven Handpiece Connection
  • One Low Speed Air-Driven Handpiece Connection
  • Titanium HVE, Saliva Ejector and Air/Water Syringe
  • Dual closed water bottle system
  • Stainless Steel Control Block, Valves and Handpiece Connections
  • Plugs in to a standard electrical outlet
  • Ideal for two handed dentistry

Custom handpiece holders accommodate most popular brands of handpieces. The ratcheting design allows for optimum positioning.

Convenience Features

Includes air, water and electrical outlets for utilizing table top accessories.

Bracket Storage Options

ASI’s 12 sided rail system to allow a variety of optional storage accessories to be added.


  • 1/8″ Thick Aluminum Chassis
  • Heavy Duty Commercial Dual Tread Casters are Quiet & Easy to Roll


  • Durable Powder Coat Finish
  • WilsonArt Work Top – Arctic Dune Color

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Here’s Some Reviews From Our Customers

Dr. Lauren Busch

Dino Dental

“It was more cost-effective and made more sense for us to use the plumb-free system. I liked the versatility of not being hooked up to a plumbing system because it allows me the ability to move the carts and make our own treatment spaces.”

Dr. Alane Eisenbrandt

Main Street Dental Hygiene

“I love the ease of use and the placement of handpieces/suction. Very strong suction. Quiet running.”

Dr. Tanner Doering

“Unconditionally this is the best mobile dental unit in dentistry. ASI is a brilliant company who has taken pride in developing a product line like no other on the market. Thank you for putting the time in, all the best in the new year.”