Self-Contained Dental Unit Question – To Plumb or Not To Plumb

Is a Self-Contained All-In-One Mobile Dental Delivery Unit Right for You?

Changes in dental delivery models that include corporate on-site dentistry, tele-dentistry and portable dentistry are natural applications for portable dental units.  However a growing trend is to utilize these types of units for establishing new dental offices and easily expanding an existing one.  Reasons range from reducing build out costs, more quickly moving into a space to begin generating patient revenue, flexibility in dental treatment room design or simply to avoid making long term building lease commitments.  These are just some of the reasons why more clinicians are interested in ASI’s Portable Self-Contained Dental Units.  See our Customer Reviews for their input on their applications.

Have you thought about self-contained all-in-one dental cart as a possible option for your practice versus doing traditional dental plumbing to a utility room? The following information will help you determine if a self-contained mobile dental unit is right for you.


Advantages of ASI’s Self-Contained Dental Cart Systems:

  • Ease of relocation
    ASI’s portable self-contained dental carts can be easily moved to a different location. An all in one dental unit is the perfect way to test your location with minimal construction or financial obligation.
  • Reduced startup cost
    ASI’s self-contained dental units eliminates the expense associated with plumbing a building. All that is required to be fully operational is a standard electrical outlet.
  • Immediate startup 
    ASI’s mobile dental delivery carts allows you to open without waiting for additional permits and building inspections. If you are setting up a satellite office or working out of a specialty office on the side, ASI’s integrated portable dental delivery units gives you the flexibility to practice anywhere without the hassle of assembling and disassembling your instruments for transport.
  • Painless lease negotiation 
    Mobile self-contained dental systems may allow you to negotiate more favorable lease terms. This is because there is no need to compromise the building structure for plumbing renovations.
  • Connect to central plumbing 
    The internal air compressor and vacuum in a self-contained ASI cart can be bypassed and allow the unit to be connected to central plumbing at any time. This makes it a very versatile system able to adapt to changing needs.


Considerations of  Self-Contained Dental Cart Systems:

  • Required maintenance and use
    ASI’s Self-Contained systems include an internal air compressor, vacuum, purge and closed water systems. These systems are designed to be easy to operate and generally do not require action from you. A basic understanding of how they operate goes a long way in maximizing their use.   Daily maintenance can usually be performed in ten minutes or less and as with a utility room, they require periodic maintenance to provide optimum performance. 
  • Sound
    ASI’s self-contained systems are remarkably quiet. The air compressor and vacuum system do make some sound while operating and make a humming while operating.  Many of our customers find them remarkably quiet and the low resonating tone adds some white noise to the treatment room.  Listen to the sound level under our How it Works Tab.  Also see related article Tips for Selecting the Best Portable Dental Unit for In-Office Use.


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