Update on Molecular Iodine Compatibility

We mentioned in early May that we would evaluate the equipment compatibility of molecular iodine if it were placed in the water bottle system for handpiece irrigation. We used the IORinse Concentrate that is made by IOTechInternational. We tested using both a 50% concentrate with water and 100% concentrate. By comparison, the manufacturer recommends a concentration of 10%. We did not find any issues or degradation with any of the internal components, gaskets, or O-rings. As a secondary test, we allowed the solution to remain in the tubing and handpieces for two weeks without use in between. We were pleased that there was no clogging in the lines or miniature ports on the handpieces, and there was immediate and responsive activation of the handpiece coolant and air/water syringe flow. Third, we did a test to evaluate potential staining of tubing, work surfaces and upholstery with repeated exposure to 100% concentrate. We found the solution easily cleaned off of hard surfaces and our White Silk tubing without staining. However, the chemical did leave a noticeable yellowing on the dental upholstery that could not be removed. The plastic water bottles used became visibly stained from the molecular iodine.    

As a result of these three tests, we can recommend that molecular iodine is safe to use with ASI’s line of dental equipment without adverse effects to working components or clogging of lines, but long term use may cause some staining to occur on dental upholstery and certain plastic surfaces.

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