Achieve a Modern, Minimalist Design

Open room design with equipment-free chairs for patient comfort. Flexible designs for specialized dental treatment.

  • A new era

    Use ASI Dental Equipment to build state-of-the-art dental offices and modern spacious dental treatment rooms in practical ways that are unrealized with conventional dental equipment and cabinetry.

  • Boundless practice locations

    Designed for dental projects of any scale, specialty, and physical location, ASI’s total solution opens new doors creating opportunities for startup in unimaginable locations.

  • Spacious treatment rooms

    ASI’s space-saving designs create different ways to setup dental treatment rooms that do not exist in spatial planning with traditional side and rear dental cabinetry.

  • For today’s state-of-the-art dental practice

    Invest in technology that enhances patient care rather than in traditional dental cabinetry and casework.

“My office is completely digital. Patients have come to expect technology in our offices to be up to date and are impressed when it works well. My ASI cart provides me with everything I need in one place. Integrated with a PC and monitor allows me to both treat efficiently and educate my patients effortlessly. My carts have the equipment layouts I specified and they look great. I wouldn’t have anything else!”

Dr. Adam Davis

It’s about doing more with less effort.

With ASI, It’s about being able to do advanced dental procedures the way you want, easily and with quick and convenient access to the dental instrumentation you need.

It’s about being able to select the instruments you desire in the order and placement you desire.

It’s about the equipment adapting to you and how you practice and not the other way around.

“Great asset to any practice, everything is at your fingertips.  I don’t trip over all the foot pedals anymore!”

Dr. Ed Kosakoski

“ASI carts have made coming to work just a little bit more fun.  My only regret is that we didn’t do it sooner.”

Dr. Howard Weisbart

It’s about maintaining your Momentum throughout the day and throughout your career.

You now have a choice to be kind to your body while you practice. From the way you sit to how you physically use less motion to effortlessly work is vital.

With ASI’s evolved Momentum brand dental seating solutions and modular delivery systems that are custom configured for the dental team, practicing dentistry the way it’s supposed to be is possible.

It’s about finishing the day as strong as you started and finishing your career the same way.

It’s about practicing the way you want.

Its about finding solutions that best fit your operatory design and the members of your team.   ASI’s flex designs provide the adaptability to meet different treatment room requirements, delivery styles and ambidextrous needs.  Not just meeting the minimum but by doing it very well.

“The ASI carts have given us the most up-to-date clutter free operatories available.  We enjoy the environment they create.”

Dr. Thomas Day

“My patients and referring doctors are impressed with the clean design and space saving features associated with my ASI units.”

Dr. Andrew Bradley

It’s about staying in the Zone.

Practicing dentistry is not only physically demanding, but mentally exhausting. That’s why it’s important to eliminate the little distractions so you can stay relaxed and focused on the procedure at hand. With ASI, you can have simplified access to the advanced dental instrumentation you want when you want it. No additional set ups or delays waiting for staff members to retrieve an instrument from storage. In addition to having just one foot control to operate all the instruments, when you activate the pedal you get the reaction from the instrument you want.

“The quality of ASI is unsurpassed…the way the instruments are now configured, I can truly say my life has been greatly simplified – meaning less stress. I could not be more pleased with ASI and its product.”

Dr. Bradley Harris

It’s about simplifying connections and installation for equipment.

ASI’s cart based dental delivery equipment, coupled with our utility connection dental J-

box housings, make installation of equipment simple and easy – even for non-dental technicians. No elaborate arm systems to assemble on site. Simply roll carts into position and connect the umbilical to one of ASI’s unique dental equipment utility connection boxes that house your plumbing, electrical and data cabling. Further, ASI’s plumb free Portable Dental Equipment require no installation and can jut be plugged into an electrical outlet.  Simplified methods for utility connections can make construction of a dental office contractor friendly and landlord friendly, and can reduce build out costs while opening up the possibilities of site selection.

“ASI was able to integrate my favorite equipment in a well constructed plug-n-play unit that was simple to hook up. One foot pedal controls them all. Less clutter, more efficiency, amazing!”

Dr. Ed Chan

It’s about matching your equipment budget to your practice phase.

With ASI’s simplified installation you can now start easily with as little as one room. Then as your practice grows, simply add the additional operatories as you need them. In today’s competitive environment, it just makes sense to be able to financially scale the expansion of your practice to match patient receipts.  See How To Plan Your Dental Room Setups and Office Build-Out”

“Purchasing two ASI carts was one of the best decisions I made during the start up of my new practice. Having all of my equipment condensed into one unit has completely changed the way I practice.”

Dr. Craig Anderson

“Ergonomic design and quality of delivery unit is a valuable asset to my operatory. I would have no hesitation in recommending the ASI Integrated Delivery Units to any new user. Until you have tried it, you won’t know what you have been missing out on all these years.”

Dr. Dikesh Parmar

It’s about staying current with Advanced Dental Delivery technology. 

ASI’s modular panel design not only allows the system to be custom configured with the instrument types you want, but also allows you to stay on track with advancing techniques and evolving instrumentation. Modular panels allow on site replacement and upgradeability of each instrument. So this way you don’t risk outgrowing your dental system.

“I could not imagine working without my cart. I had six pieces of equipment installed into my cart and there is still room to add on in the future. Everything is at my fingertips with no cords tangled and only one foot control”.

Dr. Jake Collins

“ASI has turned integrating all types of dental equipment into one system, into an art.”

Dr. Gary Eggleston

It’s About Thriving Well!

You didn’t dedicate yourself and make the sacrifices you made in your life to go into practice to just survive financially. It’s a different era, and to do well requires a different approach. It’s about being able to simultaneously reduce costs while doing the advanced procedures that make your practice stand out to your patients and referrals. It’s about being able to work efficiently and productively to generate more revenue per hour without physically or mentally exhausting yourself.   It’s about having the ability to practice where and when you want without limitations.  It’s about rethinking the traditional concepts.  You can and You Will.

Thrive Well!

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