Dr. Shaun Soucie

Castle Rock Endodontics


Client: Dr. Shaun Soucie
Date: 2014
Office: Endodontic
Website: castlerockendodontics.com

Ziess Surgical Microscopes
  • Superior Optics / Apochromatic coating – Provides enhanced image resolution, contrast, depth perception and diagnosis.
  • Intraoral digital camera – Provides patient education and treatment documentation.
Kodak Digital Radiography
  • Decreased patient exposure and treatment time.
  • Flawless reproduction of radicular anatomical variations.
Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT)
  • Improved patient care.
  • High resolution 3D images.
  • Advanced safety.
  • Affordable 3D imaging.
  • Improve communication.
  • Easy image sharing.
  • Implant therapy.
ASI Delivery Systems
  • Ultrasonic Irrigation – Provides enhanced lavage of deltas and lateral canals.
  • Negative pressure micro irrigation and evacuation – Eliminates irritant extrusion and decreases post-op pain.
  • Electronic apex location.
  • Satelec analog ultrasonic – Allows for calicified canal location and pulp stone removal, as well as instrument retrieval.
  • Most widely used endodontic practice software in the world.
  • Global network case review.
Rotary Instrumentation
  • Single use rotary files for decreased file separation.
  • Various file systems employed dependent on canal anatomy.
Multiple Intracanal Irrigants
  • Enhanced tissue dissolution.
  • Increased dentinal tubule penetration and residual bacteria elimination.
Obturation Techniques
  • Custom fit gutta percha cones.
  • Multiple technique employed based on canal anatomy.
  • 3-Dimensional obturation.
Endodontic Surgery
Extraction and Socket Conversion For Implant Placement
Perforation Repair
Access Restoration Under Sterile Isolation Upon Request (Post and Core)