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Momentum Saddle Dental Chair™

Model: 90-3508

The Momentum Saddle™ is designed to be used in sitting and semi-standing positions. The saddle shape of the seat allows for almost full leg extension, making it easier to sit higher without putting pressure on the thighs.

A good ergonomic stool needs to have a lumbar support to prevent slouching. The small lumber support in the Momentum Saddle™ prevents flattening of the lower back, allowing freedom of movement and stretching of the spine. It is proven that we loose at least 30% of the curvature of the spine after 5-10 minutes of sitting. Without support, more pressure will occur within the discs increasing the chance of spinal injury and lower back problems.

Slip Resistant Upholstery

The Momentum is upholstered with durable Boltaflex-Vista material. It is coated with a PreFixx protection finish for increased stain resistance and designed to be easily cleaned. Waterproof, durable, antimicrobial, easy to clean and the slip resistant properties of Boltaflex-Vista make it ideal for microscope dentistry.

Color Options

– Select from two-tone or single color options
– Custom color options are also available, but may require longer lead-time