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Momentum Move Dental Chair™

Model: 90-3501

The sloped front seat angle supports your thighs and works in conjunction with the curved backrest for a custom fit. The contoured front also improves patient access. Achieve your preferred balance of support from your thighs to your back without rounding or overloading the spine.

The automatic suspension of both the backrest and seat encourage active sitting while guaranteeing stability and optimal weight distribution. The seat front slopes down supporting your legs while also enabling free circulation flow. The adjustable backrest fits snugly into the hollow contours of the lower lumbar, making this chair most suitable for users needing support during prolonged sitting.

Slip Resistant Upholstery

The Momentum is upholstered with durable Boltaflex-Vista material. It is coated with a PreFixx protection finish for increased stain resistance and designed to be easily cleaned. Waterproof, durable, antimicrobial, easy to clean and the slip resistant properties of Boltaflex-Vista make it ideal for microscope dentistry.

Color Options

– Select from two-tone or single color options
– Custom color options are also available, but may require longer lead-time