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Advanced Dental Systems Multi-Specialty

ASI offers advanced fully integrated systems for your dental office delivery requirements with dual product lines to best meet your specific requirements.

Advanced Dental System, 90-2134D

Umbilical Systems

Model #90-2134D

Connect to central compressor and suction with under floor plumbing.  ASI offers both in wall and in floor junction boxes to provide a neat and concealed method for the umbilical connections.

Enhance your dental delivery system with ASI’s most versatile, full featured advanced systems which provide greater instrument integration. They are designed to achieve a high-end look for the modern day, state-of-the-art treatment room, and are available with a selection of custom paint finishes and Cambria® worktops. (model 90-2134D shown)

Self-Contained Systems

Model #90-2125D

Contain self-contained internal air compressor and vacuum systems that only require a standard electrical outlet for operation.  No trenching required.  Just plug it in and its ready to go.

Increase your features with ASI’s advanced dental systems which accommodate the widest range of electronic instrumentation and features that can reduce or eliminate the need for expensive storage cabinetry in the operatory. These systems include a variety of worktop and color selections that can be tailored to complement the look of your treatment room. Select your Cambria® worktop and custom exterior color. (model 90-2125D shown)