model 90-3100

ASI’s Elevate™ Multi-Specialty Dental Chair

Raise Patient Treatment to a New Level

Elevate Dental Patient Chair by ASI

Provides advanced treatment capabilities. A combination of features allows the patient positioning to be optimized for specialized procedures, including endodontics to implants while providing full restorative treatment.

  • Smooth acting swivel features allow ease of side to side movement with a 60-degree range.

  • The traverse movement allows the chair to glide forward to backward.

  • The narrow back improves treatment access when performing stand up treatment or verification.


Full Operating Height Range & Traverse Motion

ASI Traverse chairs employ advanced hydraulic controls providing smooth motion. Traverse function allows positioning behind the patient without sacrificing space. The combined programmed motion of the seat, back and traverse working in tandem moves the patient forward as the chair reclines for perfect patient centered alignment within the room. Powerful and reliable hydraulics provide a full-height positioning for sit down to stand up use.

Swivel Capability

Lever release swivel allows chair to pivot 30 degrees side to side. Chair positioning can optimize smaller operatories by positioning the chair diagonally within the room. Ease of motion allows fine movement for microscope procedures.

Programmable Membrane Chair Control

Features five preset positions for multiple operators and patient release. Starting traverse location is centered to allow movement forward and reverse as desired. Mount the chair control on the chair or add it to the ASI Delivery System.

90-3100 swing control
90-3100 armrest

Locking Armrests

Padded armrests with a slight downward curve provide comfort and stability for patient. The quick-release lever easily slides in to lower the armrest and allow for patient egress.

model 90-3100

Thin & Narrow Backrest

Designed to provide patient comfort but importantly to allow improved treatment access.


Furnished in premium grade Ultraleather type upholstery with high grade foam for patient comfort during extended length procedures. Seamless design provides ease of cleaning and disinfection.

Thin, Dual Articulation Headrest

Comfortable curved shape provides stable head positioning for patient. Dual pivot mechanism provides infinite positioning. Reverse the headrest to use the chair for patients in wheelchairs.