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Momentum Dental Assistant’s Chair with Torso Bar™

Model: 90-3514

This Dental Assistant’s Chair configuration includes padded torso support, tall cylinder, and adjustable foot ring.

ASI’s Momentum™ specialty dental assistant chair features an adjustable front seat angle that works in conjunction with the convex shaped back rest for a customized fit to the operator. This allows the operator to create their preferred balance of support from the thighs to the spine without rounding or overloading the spine.

Optional standard height cylinder is available.

Slip Resistant Upholstery

The Momentum is upholstered with durable Boltaflex-Vista material. It is coated with a PreFixx protection finish for increased stain resistance and designed to be easily cleaned. Waterproof, durable, antimicrobial, easy to clean and the slip resistant properties of Boltaflex-Vista make it ideal for microscope dentistry.

Color Options

– Select from two-tone or single color options
– Custom color options are also available, but may require longer lead-time