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Its advanced design features integrated suction, and convenient access to handpieces on both sides of the table for both doctor and assistant to work efficiently and achieve optimized workflow. Integration of electric or surgical motors allows oral surgeons and implant specialists to seamlessly perform procedures. The large surface area and comprehensive design of The Glider™ facilitates an operatory space-saving solution, as it eliminates the need for multiple carts, stands, and awkward reaching for select instrumentation. Its electronic power control makes for quick and easy height adjustment and the sturdy, yet lightweight design accommodates ease of positioning within the operatory.

Standard Features & Benefits

  • Customizable instrument delivery with operation from only one foot control
  • Two pneumatic air handpiece connections and dual air/water syringes, allowing the doctor and assistant to work from both sides of the surgical table.
  • Titanium suction handpieces for durability with autoclavable tubing for less waste and cost savings.
  • White silk nonstick handpiece tubing.
  • Articulating handpiece holder bar for preferred placement
  • Internal water bottle system that includes one waterline disinfection cartridge that will purify the water for a full year.
  • Telescoping height adjustment with programmable presets for ease of quick positioning.
  • Smooth, easy-to-clean, non-porous solid surface worktop provides sufficient workspace for placing hand instruments and other devices.
  • High-grade dual wheel casters for strength and ease of mobility.
  • Aluminum MetalCraft design for esthetics, durable lifetime quality and lighter weight
  • Floating shelf to hold additional instruments or cassettes.
  • Dovetail bars included on each side to customize the accessories options.
  • Rear air and water quick connects and electrical outlets for convenient use of tabletop instruments.

Common Options

  • Integrated surgical motors with full range of handpiece attachments from surgical to implant.
  • Integrated piezo ultrasonic options
  • Integrated curing light option
  • A variety of accessory items are optional for mounting to the dovetail bars such as: saline hooks, sharps container, removable sterilizable handpiece holder, wipes bracket, and waste bins.
  • Side-mounted or rear mounted glove dispenser.
  • Post-mounted monitor mounts with either VESA mount or shelf
  • Rear-mounted holder for disposable suction canisters or solids trap filter for connection to central suction.

Glide Into Treatment

Easily position the Glider™ over standard dental or surgical-style patient chairs. The large, heavy-duty casters move the system from a stored position to over the patient within easy reach of the dental team. The handles along the side and the long front handle enable incremental adjustments easy for perfect positioning. With the touch of a button, the electronic legs smoothly raise and lower with both programmable settings and incremental adjustments to find the desired worktable height.

Everything within Reach

The Glider™ is an excellent oral surgery instrument table featuring a non-porous worktop that provides ample and sufficient workspace to lay out sterile instruments and cassettes along with necessary accessories. There is a wide lockable drawer in the center for extra storage space. Includes a floating shelf to hold additional instruments or cassettes.

Accessorize to Meet Your Exact Needs

Highly customizable – the Glider™ has two side dovetail rails and a back rail for storage bins, work trays, sharps containers, dispensers, saline irrigation/IV hooks, and miniature waste receptacles. Additionally, the system can equip VESA-style monitor brackets for flat monitors or patient vitals monitors.

Built to Last

The Glider is American-made with the high-quality construction of stainless-steel valves, titanium suction handpieces, and robust Tru-Fit handpiece holders. Constructed of thick-walled aluminum provides a very sturdy design that is rugged yet still lightweight to move. For over thirty years, ASI Dental Specialties has been proudly designing and manufacturing innovative dental delivery systems.

Tour: ASI's Integrated Dental Surgical Table Model 90-2148
Integrated Dental Surgical Table in Action | Drs. David Little and Joseph Massad
Dr Mehranfar reviews ASI’s Glider™ integrated Dental Surgical Table
Dr Kellum at Transcend Dental using ASI’s Glider integrated dental surgical table
Dr Kariya at Transcend Dental using ASI’s Glider integrated dental surgical table

Here’s Some Reviews From Our Customers

Dr. Ben Kellum

“If you are doing a lot of surgery in your office, the Glider is a no-brainer. It is equipped with everything you need to move through a surgery seamlessly. It is so nice to have all of my electronic instruments built into the Glider so I can best utilize my countertop space. Working with the Glider has made surgery a lot more pleasant.”

Dr. Bryan Kariya

“One of things that has impressed me the most about the equipment we have gotten from ASI is just how strong and sturdy it is. The construction is so solid we know that it is going to last forever without any issues. All the components are made of the best material and you can feel it when you work with the equipment. Even better, the modularity of the designs allow for a lot of customization of your equipment.”

Dr. Joseph Massad

“I have been using ASI carts for over ten years and they came out with a new cart for surgeries that can be moved right over the patient. You have all of your handpieces and everything can be done by computerization. You can do stand-up or sit-down. I think this is going to be a big thing for dentistry.”