Instrument Integration

What Can I Integrate?

Introduction to Electronic Instrument Integration

ASI’s Advanced Dental Systems and Advanced Endodontic Systems are fully functioning dental units. They are equipped standard with air driven handpiece connections and air/water and air only syringes. The systems can be upgraded with fiber optic connections and additional instrumentation options.

ASI’s modular control panel is unique. It allows integration of leading brands of dental equipment technology into the dental delivery system. Integrated instruments are operated with only one foot control. Both the Classic and Designer series provide five panels that can be integrated with up to three instruments in the front and one on each side. This allows the system to be custom-configured with the brands of instruments you select. Instrument integration occurs in the order you wish to place them for your preferred ergonomic access.

Instrument integration includes internal integration, along with a specialized instrument holder. The holder keeps the instrument secure and provides ease of access. Electronic foot controlled instruments are activated when removed from the holder. They operate the same way as air driven handpieces.

Due to the extensive variety and of dental and endodontic instruments available, some models may be bracket integrated onto the dental system on specially designed mounts or enclosures.

The following listing provides description of the leading brands available for integration. Please contact us for information on others brands of dental equipment you may wish to bracket integrate, or to provide you with a configuration worksheet for configuring instrument panels and placement of instruments onto the holder bar along with any additional bracket integration.

Apex Locator

Root ZX II

The J. Morita Root ZX II provides a large easy to read screen. It features auto calibration, battery power indicator and auto power off (sleep mode) function to extend battery life. Integration of the Root ZX II can be in either the left or right front panels. The file clip leads extend out the side of the cover. A side clip is provided for coiling and storing wire leads.

J. Morita’s Root ZX II OTR Module can also be integrated via bracket mount. Convenience outlets ensure easy connection and disconnection, should you wish to move the instrument to another operatory. These outlets allow the module to be operated with ASI’s single foot control.

Integration Considerations

Integration of the Root ZX II can only be into either the left or right front panels. It does not require a location on the holder bar. Since the file clip leads need to be near the patient, generally the Root ZX II is placed in the left front panel for a right handed configuration. An articulating vice bracket can also be used. See photos in this section.

Other Models

Integration of other models of apex locators such as the Romidan RomiApex A-15, Brassler PAL, Sybron Elements or original Root ZX can be accomplished using a mounting bracket on the side of the cart or holder bar. Contact us for more information.

Electric Motors

Electric High/Low Speeds:

A number of leading brand electric high/low speed motors may be integrated into the ASI dental delivery systems. These motors function similarly to air driven high speed connections, providing water spray, fiber optic illumination and chip air. The motors operate universal E style handpiece connections geared to provide equivalent speeds to high speed handpieces, but with additional torque that prevents stalling. The motors can be equipped with 1:1 ratios or reduction ratios to allow them to operate like a lowspeed handpiece. Due to their quiet operation, additional cutting torque and adjustability, many dentists find it very useful to include two motors on the delivery system. One motor is utilized as a high speed and the second as a low speed.

Integration Considerations:

The Kavo ELECTROmatic Premium display requires a full size panel for integration.

Integration of the NSK NL 400, Nano and the Kavo ELECTROmatic works in any size panel. Two of these can be added to a single cart with the displays double stacked in a full size panel. Double stacking conserves space for other instruments. Display controls are usually placed either in the left front panel or on the left side for a right handed configuration.

Top performance, maintenance free, brushless motor technology delivers quiet power in a comfortable lightweight titanium handpiece. Ceramic bearings reduce noise and decrease vibration. Motor speed range of 2,000-40,000 rpm; with various attachments ranging up to 200,000 rpm. Fits all optic or non-optic attachments with Universal “E” Type connection.

NLX Nano has been designed to minimize weight and size, improving the balance of instrument and motor in the hand of the clinician and reducing fatigue during prolonged procedures. The NLX nano is as powerful as traditional micromotors and offers a wider range of speeds. Its 180° Vector Control assures smooth and stepless control over the entire speed range. Thanks to LED illumination, it now delivers 32,000 LUX*1, natural daylight quality light and assures clearer vision, reducing fatigue during operation.

Kavo ELECTROmatic Premium provides perfect control and programmable speed settings allow the stable running of the bur. The color LCD Display shows the actual motorspeed and the three speed programs are easy to set-up. This allows a fast set-up for all high-speed and low-speed applications. KL703 LED Motor (100 – 40,000 rpm) or COMFORTdrive option (20,000 – 200,000 rpm). Perfect balance – light weight LED light (25,000 LUX). Spray water regulation on motor tube. Auto-calibration (air pressure). Right/left rotation. All-in-one with a prep and endo mode. 5 speed programs in prep mode. Vivid color touch display for intuitive set-up. Endo workflows with each up to 10 files. Preset Endo file systems. Dual motor option.

KaVo’s ELECTROmatic™ Plus – for all high-speed and low-speed applications. ELECTROmatic™ Plus features an easy-to-read LCD display. Quickly and easily switch between 3 speed programs and forward/reverse option. The systems powerful KL703 motor coupled with KaVo’s MASTERmatic or EXPERTmatic attachments allow perfect balance of the system due to the light-weight motor and tube. SMARTdrive sensorless control allows a high torque at low speed ranges.

Other EHLS Models:

Integration of other models of electric high/low speed motors can be bracket mounted onto the side of the cart or holder bar. Contact us for more information on these options.

Endo Rotary Motors:

There are many popular endodontic rotary motors available for integration into ASI dental delivery systems. These motors are designed to operate endodontic rotary files. They include common features such as very low speed ranges and torque reverse functions.

Integration Considerations:

All models of Endodontic Rotary Motors with displays require full panel mounting for integration. They should be placed into one of the front panels to provide the best visibility and access to settings.

The Endo DTC® Electronic Endodontic System is a highly advanced endo unit featuring five fully programmable memory locations to help automate your operating procedure. With this endo motor, saving your customized settings is simple using the front panel controls. The Auto-Stop-Reverse feature automatically reverses the direction of file rotation when a defined torque level is reached, reducing the occurrence of file breakage while decreasing procedure time. The Endo DTC® also features an integrated calibration system to give the highest measure of accuracy and consistent operation among endo motors.

Other Rotary Models and Cordless Rotary Motors

Integration of other models of Endodontic Rotary Motors can be bracket mounted onto the side of the cart or holder bar. Cordless versions can be placed onto the holder bar. A custom fit holder is used with the recharge base mounted near it for ease of recharging between patients. Contact us for more information on these options.


  • KaVo - Double Stack

  • KaVo Side Panel Mount

  • KaVo Single

  • NSK nano Double Stack

    NSK NLX Nano

E3 Torque Control Motor – Tulsa Dental E3 bracket mounted using ASI’s new Vice Bracket Mounting System.

Aseptico Endo DTC® – Front panel mounted

New Electronic Rotary Integration Option

Dentsply Sirona X-Smart IQ™

X-Smart IQ is a continuous and reciprocating cordlesss motor controlled by an Apple® iOS® application. In one cordless handpiece, you get a full-treatment solution that supports you through every step of your endodontic process – from patient education to treatment data. Through a custom iOS app, a digital ecosystem is created that allows synchronization of future products and immediate updates. Move freely and easily between operatories utilizing the easily portable, ergonomically-designed cordless handpiece [from their website].

ASI has created a custom, tru-fit handpiece holder for the wireless X-Smart IQ handpiece. Our tru-fit handpiece holders ensure a snug fit. Handpieces are easily removed and replaced while reducing the chance of accidental damage due to holders that may be too big or too small. A heavy duty magnet secures the iPad Mini to the front of the unit. This makes the handpiece and user interface simple to move between treatment rooms.

Learn more about the Dentsply Sirona X-Smart IQ by downloading their brochure.

Illumination Instruments

ASI can equip the delivery systems with a range of illumination type instruments. Curing lights, fiber optic light for handpieces and transilluminators are all available for integration.

Fiber Optics for Handpieces

ASI provides a universal five/six pin fiber optic illumination system for handpieces. It has an adapter or bulb that allows it to be used for either five hole handpieces or six pin types (see descriptions below). This eliminates the need to change out tubings.

Integration Considerations:

There is no display panel required for integration. The fiber optic power control pack can operate up to three handpiece tubings. Handpiece tubings come with the six pin adapter standard. Purchase the optional bulb to use with five hole type handpieces. LED is available for longer life and white balanced color.

  • 5-Hole Fiber Optics IntegrationFive Hole Fiber Optic Systems – These systems are an adaptation of the four hole handpiece connection, with the addition of a fifth hole for the light to enter the back of the handpiece. The light travels from the bulb up through the swivel coupler and through the handpiece via fiber optic glass rods.
  • 6-Pin Fiber Optics IntegrationSix Pin Fiber Optic Systems – Instead of having the small bulb in the connector at the end of the tubing, the bulb is contained in the swivel coupler from the handpiece. The swivel coupler has two electrical pins that drop into the sockets of the six pin connector on the handpiece tubing.
LED Curing Light/Transilluminator

The Valo LED Curing Light makes an ideal all-in-one system that fits in a handpiece holder for easy access. The system includes five LEDS and cures all brands and ranges of resins. The optional Endo Guide Tip is ideal for retrofills and other narrow preparations. The system package also includes orange and green transilluminator tips for identifying caries, cracks and tooth defects.

Fiber Optics
Curing Light

Obturation & Heat Source

Integration of obturation devices for extruding gutta percha and heat tips for down packing utilize specialized bracket mounts, holders or display panels as needed.

Integration Considerations:

Since obturation is one of the final treatment phases, integration of these instruments generally occurs on the right side of the delivery system. An accessory outlet on certain models provides convenient access for recharging cordless battery operated obturation items. The accessory outlet is on a separate circuit from the dental unit. It can remain on after hours to allow the dental system to be powered off.


A heated gun style delivery for back filling with gutta percha and uniformly delivers thermoplasticized gutta percha to eliminate voids. Display control can be mounted on side panel or front panel. Gun is mounted in custom fit bracket holder to hold gun upright while protecting needle from the sides to prevent breakage and contact.

A heated gun style delivery for back filling with gutta percha and uniformly delivers thermoplasticized gutta percha to eliminate voids. The gun is mounted in custom fit bracket holder, keeping it upright while protecting needle from the sides to prevent breakage and contact.

Includes panel mounting and holder for Calamus Obturation made by Tulsa Dental.   Customer supplied item as ASI does not sell this item. Display control can be integrated in side or front panel.

Heated Tip Instruments:
The original heat tip device. The System B does not require any internal integration. It is designed for the control box to be placed into an enclosure on the delivery system with a custom fit handpiece holder.
Cordless version that fits inside a custom fit holder directly on the holder bar.

Brassler’s EndoPro 270™ is a cordless powered heat source which can be placed in a custom holder on the holder bar.

Obtura III Max

B&L Cordless Obturation with Double Bracket-Mounted Charging Stations.

ProUltra Piezo

B&L Cordless Obturation – Double Bracket


Piezo ultrasonic units are a valuable instrument with wide ranging tip styles. They are used in periodontics, implants and endodontics. ASI provides a digital display to allow operation of up to two handpieces. Memory settings for each handpiece can be saved.

Integration Considerations:

Integration of the digital controller requires a full panel for installation. It is generally placed in the right front window for a right handed configuration. The analog knob style can be added to a panel or along the base of the delivery system, behind the holder bar.

The Newtron™ technology ultrasonic module from Satelec®/Acteon was designed for the ultimate full power range while providing integrated feedback. The result is constant ultrasonic vibration to the tip.

Digital Display and Memory – ASI’s exclusive digital panel provides an LED readout of power settings from 1 – 100%. The digital display has four programmable memory positions. Adjust the power settings up or down after selecting a memory position without affecting the saved setting.

Dual Handpiece Upgrade Option – Save time by using different tips and power settings for each handpiece. ASI’s control system will automatically recognize and operate whichever handpiece is removed from its holder. The last power setting used for each handpiece will be retained by the system.

ASI Dental Dual Ultrasonics
ASI Dual Ultrasonic
Other Models:

Integration of other models of ultrasonic units can be bracket mounted onto the side of the cart or holder bar. Contact us for more information on these options.

Irrigation Instrumentation

ASI’s irrigation instrumentation includes Standard and Endodontic Air and Air/Water Syringes, and the RootDown™ Micro Irrigation System.

Air/Water Syringe

ASI’s Air/Water syringe provides a quick disconnect tip with an outer press ring release. It accommodates disposable tips for this type of syringe. The Air/Water syringe features a rounded head style for ease of cleaning. Air and water flow is controlled with individual adjustment knobs on the delivery system.

Air Water Syringe
Air Only Bonding Syringe

This is a single button syringe with a quick disconnect tip and adjustable air flow control. Since water spray is removed there is no possibility of moisture in the tip that could be sprayed out. The incoming air to the syringe is filtered in the handle. This prevents moisture from condensation in the air line from being emitted. A dry air pattern is created for pre-restorations.

ASI Air Only Bonding Syringe
Endo Air Syringe

This is a single button syringe with a precision low pressure regulator. The air pressure can be regulated between 1-10 psi. A 2” StropkoTM Irrigator developed by Dr. John Stropko is included. Attach Luer type irrigation needles for micro drying. Visit for more information and techniques.

Endo Air Syringe
Endo Air/Water Syringe

Same as the Micro Endo Air Syringe but with the addition of water spray. It allows for micro irrigation with water.  Visit for more information and techniques.

Endodontic Air Water Syringe

ASI’s RootDown™ Irrigation System

A simple and efficient method for delivering irrigation solutions.

Convenient & Ergonomic

Ease of delivery is achieved through ergonomic design. The wand-style handpiece is held like a pencil, with a push button control located on the shaft. No thumb pressure is required.

Access is simple – it is designed to fit standard handpiece holders, allowing placement on the holder bar.

Triple Irrigation Handpieces

Choose to deliver one to three different solutions. The irrigation syringe includes up to three color-coordinated irrigation handpieces. Matching 250ml bottle reservoirs come with each one.

The handpiece, tubing, and bottles are chemically resistant to common dental solutions. This enables the delivery of irrigants of choice. Use with Max-i-Probe needles or other compatible standard Luer type needles.

Finite Control

The irrigation system utilizes a flow control regulator. This allows the operator to change the rate of delivery.

Active Irrigation Upgrade

Vibration is generated using air pressure from the dental unit. This gentle vibration creates movement of the solution into the canal. Activation is controlled by the foot pedal.

Standard Models Available

90-2741S Single Micro Irrigation System
90-2741D Dual Micro Irrigation System
90-2741T Triple Micro Irrigation System

Upgrade Models Available

90-2809 Active Irrigation Upgrade
90-2791N IrriVac™ Upgrade
90-2809N Active IrriVac™ Upgrade
Reservoir Capacity per Bottle 250 mL
Pressure Regulation Range 0-23 psi Max
Bracket System Dimensions 7″ wide x 3.5″ deep x 7.5″ high
Handpiece & Valve Construction Titanium
Bottle Construction HDPE
Irrigation Preventative Maintenance Video
Routine Maintenance

0:19 – Daily
1:25 – Weekly

Annual Maintenance

2:26 – Replacing Gaskets and Bottles
2:33 – Replacing Button Valve Assembly
3:46 – Replacing Active Orbiter Assembly
4:27 – Replacing O-Rings on Active Orbiter Assembly

Evacuation & Drying

Use ASI’s Micro Evacuator for fast rinsing and drying. Titanium body and inert Luer type connector allows use with caustic irrigating solutions such as sodium hypochlorite.

Micro Evacuator

Note: The Micro Evacuator requires a suction connection. Ensure a suction outlet is provided in your junction box when specifying office design plans with your architect. The active irrigation upgrade requires connection to the delivery system and is operated by the foot control.

Suction Instrumentation

ASI’s precision-machined titanium Suction Handpieces offer a quality design with ergonomic features for lasting durability and ease of use. Titanium has excellent chemical resistance. It is lighter than stainless steel and provides comparable strength.

In addition to metal levers and swivel disconnects at the base, these instruments feature ASI’s single side valve design. This facilitates easy cleaning. Simply remove the side valve, which is secured with an o-ring. Clean the instrument and replace when finished.

ASI’s complete line of suction instrumentation includes the Straight High Volume Evacuator (HVE), the Ergo Angle HVE, the Saliva Ejector and the Micro Evacuator.

Suction Handpieces
Straight HVE

Straight HVE


Constructed from precision-machined titanium, ASI’s Straight High Volume Evacuation handpiece features the single side valve design The valve pops out for cleaning. Fits standard 1/2” HVE tubing and accepts standard disposable HVE tips.

Ergo Angle HVE

Ergo Angle HVE


ASI’s Ergo Right Angle High Volume Evacuation handpiece utilizes a 45° bend. The handpiece is held with tubing hanging down, minimizing weight and drag to the operator. The Ergo Angle handpiece features the single side valve design. The valve pops out for cleaning. Fits standard 1/2” HVE tubing and accepts standard disposable HVE tips.

Saliva Ejector

Saliva Ejector


ASI’s Titanium Saliva Ejector features a removable threaded titanium tip. This feature eliminates rubber tips which can fall off. The precision machined titanium instrument also features ASI’s single side valve design. The valve pops out for cleaning. Fits standard 7/32” saliva ejector tubing or 1/4” surgical tubing. It accepts standard disposable saliva ejector tips.

Micro Evacuator

Micro Evacuator


ASI’s Micro Evacuator is comprised of a titanium body and Luer type connector. Use with standard disposable Luer lock needles.

Fits standard 7/32” saliva ejector tubing for connection to a solids trap on your Assistant’s Package. It also works as an integrated option on your ASI delivery system.