Momentum Dynamic Dental Stool

Model: 90-3505

The advanced Momentum Dynamic™ dental stool features a mechanism that makes the backrest move into your lower back when needed. Adjust the stool to your individual body so that the seat and backrest move with you, optimizing support.

When seated, the lumbar support automatically come forward toward the lower back. The natural anatomical S-shape of your spine remains secure, even during passive sitting. The smaller size and shape of the lumbar support provides freedom of movement and activates stretching and stabilization for the entire spine.

When sitting in an active working position, the seat assumes a positive inclination of 3º. With normal fatigue leaning back may seem more comfortable, but a slumping position increases the risk of disc pressure. The stool automatically compensates for this by tilting the seat 6º back and advancing the lumbar support towards the lower back for optimal correction.

Reg. $1,315 SALE $1,195

$1,315.00 $1,195.00

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