Modular Dental Office Design

Integrated High Technology in Mobile Dental Delivery Systems and Mobile Dental Carts

Read Doctor Joe Massad’s article, “Modular Dental Office:  Better By Design” published in October 2017’s The New Dentist magazine.

Dr.  Massed discussed the advantages of using a mobile dental unit and mobile dental cabinets to easily and quickly establish a sophisticated dental treatment room setup.  The advantage of a mobile dental unit is that being self contained eliminates the need for the specialized dental plumbing which can dramatically reduce costs, minimize time delays in opening an office and avoid landlord issues.   Ideal for the young dentists just getting started is the ability to set up a dental office in excess retail space with mobile dental units and other types of portable dental equipment.  This then lets them scale their practice starting with a single dental operatory layout and then additional ones as the practice grows.

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