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Advanced Prosthodontic Systems™

Teaching Outside The Box — Dr. Joe Massad
Advanced Prosthodontic System

Cart Based Operatories

Key Features & Benefits

  • Modular Design Freedom Allows You to Streamline Your Advanced Dental Procedures
  • Integrated instrumentation and technology eliminate tangled cords, multiple foot controls and redundant carts
  • ASI carts can be moved and positioned easily within the room, creating a spacious working environment for optimal workflow and patient comfort
  • Cart mobility benefits combined with ASI’s high grated metal construction provide supreme functional and quality advantages over traditional cabinetry
  • Ergonomic Access to All Instrumentation
  • Complete Solution with Assistant’s Delivery
  • Customize Your Configuration
Sample-Prosth-Op 11' x 11' 6"

Special Pricing

Advanced Prosthodontic Systems™

Prostho Dr Cart

Special Introductory Pricing

Save On Integrated Bien Air Multi Motor System.


  • Restorative, Endodontic & Implant Functions
  • Saline Pump
  • iPad Controller.

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