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Classic Flex Assistant Cart

The Solution to Your 12 O’Clock Treatment Wall

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ASI‘s new Classic Flex Assistant’s System complements its doctor delivery systems and eliminates the need for a 12 o’clock cabinet. The cart-based system has several storage options and configurations as well as a nitrous-ready option. 

Monitors can be mounted onto the system, with cabling concealed in the umbilical tubing. Small storage bins, sharps containers, and arm-mounted trays can be bracketed onto the rail system for extra storage.

Sample Classic Flex Operatory:

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 Classic Flex Features:

  • ASI titanium straight high volume evacuator, saliva ejector and air/water syringe
  • Solids trap enclosure
  • Slide-out keyboard tray
  • Six storage drawers
  • One set of customizable drawer dividers – includes one horizontal and two vertical dividers
  • ASI Rail Storage with two easily accessible storage bins and one sharps container
  • 3-Gallon waste bin and mounting bracket
  • Ratcheting, true-fit handpiece holders
  • Large, non-porous WilsonArt™ work surface
  • Instrument air and water convenience outlets
  • 1 liter self-contained water supply
  • Internal cable management
  • Recessed, dedicated power strip
  • Commercial grade 3″ casters
  • Positioning handle

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Classic Flex Options:

  • Classic Flex Right Side Drawers

    Side-mount configurations for right- or left-handed delivery.

    Configure drawers for side-mount, or ambidextrous center-mount

  • Assistant’s computer package – includes VESA-compliant monitor mount and CPU mounting bracket; smaller CPUs can be placed inside back access panel (14″ wide x 8″ tall x 5″ deep)
  • ASI Titanium Ergo Angle high volume evacuator
  • Digital Accutron®-ready prep package
  • Additional storage bins and customizable drawer dividers
  • Glove Box Bracket
  • Universal brackets for file caddy, mask box, and more
  • Instrument swivel mounts for ASI Rail System – pivot arm or T-Pivot arm
  • Optional top drawer replaces keyboard tray
  • Ambidexterous capability – instruments can be added for both right and left handed use
  • Connectivity for monitor, server, microscope & digital radiography
  • ASI In-Wall Junction Box for concealed utility management
  • DentaPure® waterline disinfection
  • Doctor’s side small waste container


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Features and Options Up Close

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Classic Flex Rail System StorageASI’s new Rail System Storage allows convenient access to items and can be easily configured. Mounted storage bins, sharps containers, glove dispensers, masks and file caddies can be attached to either side or the back rail. 

The base system includes two white storage bins and one sharps container. Additional brackets can be ordered separately.

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Classic Flex Monitor MountUse the Classic Flex Assistant’s System to house your CPU. There is an access panel on the back of the unit that can be removed so that your smaller CPU can be kept conveniently on board and out of patient’s view.

The Assistant’s computer package is an added option available to the Classic Flex Assistant’s System. It includes a VESA-compliant monitor mount as well as a CPU mounting bracket. Smaller CPUs can be stored within the unit. Simply remove the back access panel. This space measures 5” deep, 14” wide and 8” tall.

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Classic Flex Drawer DividersIncluded with the Classic Flex Assistant’s System is one set of drawer dividers for the top drawer. The set includes one vertical divider, and two horizontal dividers. Additional dividers are available for the remaining two smaller drawers.

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Classic Flex Assistant Cart Dimensions

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Cart Dimensions:
Height: 33.75″ from floor to worktop; 42″ to top of storage containers
Width*: 36″; add 4″ for side-rail mounted sharps container
Depth*: 22.5″ front to back

* Note: Width and depth measurements may be different depending on options and location selected.

Worktop Dimensions:
WilsonArt™ Worktop 30″ wide X 18.5″ deep

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Drawer Dimensions:
Keyboard Tray or
Top Drawer

Tray: 15.25″ wide X 13.25″ deep X 1.375″ 
Drawer: 14.75″ wide X 13.25″ deep X 1.5″ tall

Bottom Drawers (small) 11.5″ wide X 9.75″ deep X 2″ tall
Bottom Drawers (large) 11.5″ wide X 9.75″ deep X 4.5″ tall

Electrical:  (Requires standard dedicated 15 amp outlet) 115 Volts / 60 Hz or 220 Volts / 50 Hz

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How to Purchase

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