Model 2403

Over the Patient Dental Delivery System

Classic Series arm mounted dental delivery system mounts to patient chair (patient chair not included).


Arm Mounted Swivel Tray
Easily position additional instruments where you need them most.


Instrument Integration

Integrate your instruments, eliminate clutter and save space in your treatment room.


Optional Irrigation

Add ASI’s optional irrigation system which supports up to three irrigant solutions.


Water Supply

On-board self-contained water supply.

Model Features

The Classic Advanced Over-the-Patient Model is an arm unit that can be mounted to heavy duty dental chairs. Chair post is sold separately by the chair manufacturer.  ASI universal post mounting adapter is required.Dual water bottles and optional irrigation bottles will be mounted to unit post

  • Chair mounted to fit common operatory design
  • Fits popular brands of high end chairs with heavy duty ambidextrous arm mounts

Dental Delivery Unit

Advanced modular panel design for full electronic instrument integration make it possible to operate numerous handpieces through just one foot control, eliminating clutter and confusion while creating a positive ergonomic environment.  Modular panel design provides the ability to upgrade the system to new instrument technologies.

Standard features includes two high speed and one low speed air-driven handpiece connections, air/water syringe, air-only bonding syringe or endodontic Stropko™ air-only syringe and dual closed water bottle system.   Stainless steel control blocks, valves and handpiece connections.

Custom handpiece holders accommodate most popular brands of handpieces. The ratcheting design allows for optimum positioning.

Convenience Features and Options

  • Includes air, water and electrical outlets for utilizing table top accessories
  • USB connection option
  • Bracket ready to accept CPU and monitor mounts.

Bracket Storage Features

  • Includes ASI’s 12 sided rail system to allow a variety of accessory storage options to be added.


  • Full one eighth thick wall aluminum chassis with durable powder coat finish
  • Swivel tray in standard “B” size on left side for holding hand instruments
  • Heavy duty Spring balanced arm with air brake assist for positioning of the dental unit


  • Colorado Beige powder coat finish

Classic Series Over-the-Patient Dental Delivery System

Model: 90-2403

Classic Advanced Arm Unit mounts to heavy duty chairs with an upright ambidextrous unit post. Custom configure instruments with ASI Advanced modular panel design. Refined design available in select designer finishes.

Choose Model

Advanced Dental Version – Model 90-2403D with air only bonding syringe and Advanced Dental System badging. Fully functional dental system includes standard features: see product details.

Advanced Endodontic Version – Model 90-2403E with Stropko Endo air only syringe and Advanced Endodontic System badging. Fully functional dental system includes standard features: see product details.