High-Quality Mobile Equipment Designed for the Precise Expectations of the Oral Surgeon

Made & Manufactured in the USA

Easily create an oral surgery treatment suite

ASI is unique in the dental industry and provides high-end portable suction units to meet the essential needs and requirements of the professional oral surgeon. ASI’s line of comprehensive mobile surgical equipment ranges from portable dental suction to combination units. All-inclusive units contain air, water, dental handpieces and optional integrated surgical/implant motors. The included power outlets allow use of tabletop oral surgery and implant motors. Air supply can be used for support of separate laser systems.

  • No Utility Room Required!

  • Equipped with water system, internal air compressor & suction system

  • Ideal for Standup or Sit down Procedures

Basic Dental Suction Unit

Model #90-2006

Fully Self-contained dental suction unit. Includes convenience outlets for electrical, water and air. Can be used to provide air supply for mobile laser systems.

Just Plug it in, No Installation Required

Just Plug it into a standard electrical outlet, fill the water bottles and it’s ready to go. A cost effective way to set up an oral surgery treatment suite. Exceptionally quiet.

Combination Dental Unit

Model #90-2021

Complete dental delivery system with powerful surgical suction. Shown with optional surgical implant motor and surgical ultrasonic that connects to convenience outlets in back of cart.  Includes water and air outlets connections that can be used to provide air power for mobile laser systems.

Made in the USA

Modern metal design with aluminum architecture creates an unmatched lightweight and structurally sound design. Solid surface worktop standard. Can be fitted with worktop finish of your choice determined by your architect/designer.

Advanced Dental System

Model #90-2125

Comprehensive integrated instrumentation and options customized to your needs for full treatment for surgical procedures. Includes convenience outlets for air, water and power.

Not sure which model is best for your needs? Contact us to find out more!