DentaPure: Maintenance-Free Waterline Disinfection


DentaPure Now Standard on ASI Dental Units

ASI Medical has partnered with DentaPure® to preinstall maintenance-free waterline disinfection cartridges on its dental delivery systems. Each system is provided with sample DP40B cartridges that last up to 60 days, with the option to purchase the yearly DP365B cartridges at a discounted rate.

DentaPure elutes a constant level of non-allergenic isotopic iodine to disinfect the waterline. The cartridges install on existing lines in seconds, and last for a full year.

DentaPure saves time and money, as it requires no mixing or dissolving chemicals, power consumption, shocking treatments, or third-party monitoring of the water. It produces no residue that could cause clogging, degrade the handpieces, or shorten the system’s life. Disposal is convenient as there are no hazardous materials or heavy metals.

DentaPure is EPA-registered as an anti-microbial waterline product.

Learn more about DentaPure on their website.