New products from ASI Medical

DentaPure Dental Waterline Disinfection

October Promotion

ASI expands local sales representation with the addition of eight new agents.

White Silk Handpiece Tubing

NEW White Silk Handpiece Tubing

New silky smooth handpiece tubing eliminates cling.

ASI's New Utility Cart

Introducing the ASI Utility Cart

The all-new Utility Cart is specially engineered for treatment-specific mobile organization.

Vise Bracket

New! Vise Bracket for Dental Instruments

Vise Bracket Eliminates Risk of Dropping Dental Instruments.

Vise Bracket with ZXIIASI’s new Vise Bracket securely mounts tabletop dental instruments, keeping them in easy reach of the operator. These tabletop dental instruments include common brands of the following:

  • Apex Locators
  • Obturation Wands
  • Cordless Dental Devices

The vise bracket can be mounted onto new and existing ASI dental delivery systems. Mounting locations include the instrument holder bar or directly to the chassis.

Easy-to-turn thumbscrews establish a precise, custom fit. Silicone rings provide added grip strength, ensuring the dental instrument will not slip or fall to the floor. Removal and replacement of the dental instrument is simple and convenient. No special tools are required.

The unique ball-and-socket feature provides dental professionals the ability to personally position the dental instrument for optimum visibility. A cord wrap located on the side of the bracket platform lends additional convenience and organization.

Precision-machined anodized aluminum construction gives the vise bracket a sleek finish with added strength and durability.

Click here to see the various mounting options available for your ASI dental system.

ASI Classic Flex Assistant Dental Delivery System

New! Multi-Specialty Assistant System

Classic Flex Assistant System

The Classic Flex Assistant System from ASI.

ASI has released a new line of assistant dental systems called the Classic Flex. It complements its doctor dental delivery systems and eliminates the need for a 12 O’Clock cabinet.

The assistant dental system can be configured for ambidextrous use for both right- and left-handed operators.  Numerous configurable options including small storage bins, sharps containers, file caddies, apex locator brackets and arm-mounted trays that can be bracketed onto the rail system and custom-configured for the operator or for the specialty.

The Classic Flex assistant dental system allows IT management with monitors and CPUs to be mounted onto the system, with cabling concealed.

The cart-based dental system comes standard with a large work surface, a self-contained water supply with waterline disinfection, and includes the assistant’s instruments: a titanium straight high volume evacuator, saliva ejector, and air/water syringe on a swivel mount.   A nitrous-ready option is also available.

Find more information on the standard features included with the Classic Flex assistant dental system, as well as options and addition images here.

Contact ASI at 1-800-566-9953, or visit for more information.


ASI Dental Irrigation

Irrigator Rinse Cup – Product Brief

Dental Irrigation Maintenance: How to Use the Irrigator Rinse Cup

Irrigator Rinse CupASI’s Irrigator Rinse Cup helps to make routine daily maintenance for the Irrigation system on its dental delivery systems easy and quick. Simply fill the Irrigator Rinse Cup about halfway with water. Then place the dental irrigation handpiece in the cup. Allow the handpiece to soak overnight. The rinse cup is designed to fit into the irrigation handpiece holder on the holder bar.

If you are equipped with ASI’s irrigation system, it is important to incorporate the use of the Irrigator Rinse Cup in your daily equipment maintenance routine. The purpose of this device is to help prevent residue from sodium hypochlorite and other irrigants from building up on the handpiece. When these irrigants are allowed to dry inside the the handpiece, they crystallize and can clog your handpiece. Keeping the handpiece soaking in water can prevent the crystallization of irrigants.

The Irrigator Rinse Cup is part of an easy maintenance program for the ASI Irrigation system. For more information regarding the maintenance of your ASI Irrigation System, please view the support viedo below, or visit for details.

Suction QuickConnect

ASI’s Suction Maintenance QuickConnect

Suction QuickConnectASI’s suction system QuickConnect Kit provides a hands-free, efficient, and convenient option for purging self-contained portable dental units straight into plumbing.

After installing the kit in the plumbing system, simply attach the purge hose end to the QuickConnect, and turn on the purge pump.

Since the purge hose connects straight into the plumbing system, the QuickConnect saves time spent sterilizing a sink after purging.

Additionally, the purge pump does not have to be held while under pulsating pressure during purging, freeing staff to use the time for other tasks.

For more information call (800) 566-9953

New: Atomizer

ASI’s Atomizer for Vacuum Cleanser

AtomizerASI’s Atomizer eliminates the need to measure or mix concentrate and saves time spent on purging the vacuum system.

The Atomizer attaches to a bottle of ASI’s KeepClear enzymatic vacuum system cleanser. At the end of each day, simply attach each suction handpiece to the atomizer and turn on the suction. After 30 seconds, the entire inside of the tube and suction system will be coated. Repeat for each suction handpiece.

The Atomizer changes the cleanser into a fine mist, requiring very little cleanser to coat the vacuum system. Leave in overnight.

The next morning there is no need to purge cleanser from the system. This convenience is ideal for portable dental equipment.

For more information, call (800) 566-9953.

New: Momentum Specialty Seating

Momentum™ Microscope Stool

ASI Medical’s new specialty microscope dental chair, The Momentum, was designed with the McKenzie Method™ in mind, which found that certain movements and postures can relieve pain and restore function.

The convex, flexible backrest strongly supports the natural lumbar curve, even in a relaxed position.

Two styles of armrests are available: telescoping, for those who prefer more forearm support, and padded, for more elbow support.

An adjustable front seat lowers the knees to below the line of the hips, transferring weight from the spine into the legs.

The front edge of the seat then adjusts to the angle of the legs, comfortably supporting the legs while maintaining circulation.

The non-slip Valencia™ upholstery with Permablock™ protective finish is durable and easily cleaned.

Multiple cylinder sizes are available to accommodate all heights. ASI’s Momentum microscope chair is the perfect compliment to an ASI dental delivery system.

Introductory pricing is available. Click Here for complete product details.