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DentaPure Dental Waterline Disinfection

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ASI expands local sales representation with the addition of eight new agents.

White Silk Handpiece Tubing

NEW White Silk Handpiece Tubing

New silky smooth handpiece tubing eliminates cling.


ASI Customer Stories

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It…

Customer Stories Video from AAE17, New Orleans

Find out what our customers had to say about our products when they stopped by our booth at AAE17 in New Orleans.

AAE 2017 Customer Stories from ASI Medical, Inc. on Vimeo.

Special thanks to everyone who stopped by. Do you have a story to share? We’d love to hear from you! Contact our sales team or call 844.880.3636.

What’s New at ASI?

ASI Microscope CArtWe love innovation. That’s why we’re always working to find ways to improve our current product line, as well as expand our product offering, with new approaches to operatory equipment. At AAE17 we debuted our latest prototype: the Endo-Ready Cart with Seiler® Microscope Mount.

Prototype Details:

  • ASI’s Designer Advanced Endodontic System® with Seiler® Alpha Air Series Microscope Mounting Capability
  • Great for Endo-On-The-Go and Practices with Visiting Endodontists
  • Custom Options for Both Cart and Microscope are Available
  • ASI Instrument Integration Capability with Single Foot Control

This package option will be available later this year.


DentaPure: Maintenance-Free Waterline Disinfection

DentaPureDentaPure Now Standard on ASI Dental Units

ASI Medical has partnered with DentaPure® to preinstall maintenance-free waterline disinfection cartridges on its dental delivery systems. Each system is provided with sample DP40B cartridges that last up to 60 days, with the option to purchase the yearly DP365B cartridges at a discounted rate.

DentaPure elutes a constant level of non-allergenic isotopic iodine to disinfect the waterline. The cartridges install on existing lines in seconds, and last for a full year.

DentaPure saves time and money, as it requires no mixing or dissolving chemicals, power consumption, shocking treatments, or third-party monitoring of the water. It produces no residue that could cause clogging, degrade the handpieces, or shorten the system’s life. Disposal is convenient as there are no hazardous materials or heavy metals.

DentaPure is EPA-registered as an anti-microbial waterline product.

Learn more about DentaPure on their website.