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Rethinking the Advanced Endodontic Operatory Design

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How well a dental or endodontic treatment room is designed in today’s competitive environment has become more important than ever before. It requires new thinking and design concepts. Designs should be based on the interaction of the specialized dental team with the dental equipment and delivery systems they use.

ASI works diligently to create designs which incorporate both modern thought solutions, as well as the key requirements of advanced dental and endodontic equipment.

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Stay in the Zone

Operatory Design: Stay in the Zone

Stay in the Zone

Reducing mental stress is a key element for today’s design. As dental instrument technology has evolved, it has cluttered the operatory with numerous control boxes, foot pedals, cables, monitors, scopes and more. The distraction of the myriad of devices makes it difficult to concentrate. This often begins to offset productivity gains that new technology provides.

ASI’s integrated dental equipment designs streamline and simplify the clutter:

  • Instrument operation is reduced to only one foot control.
  • Access to needed items for both the Dr. and Assistant is enhanced.
  • Concentration stays on the treatment.
  • Time and mental energy is no longer wasted looking for things, pressing the wrong pedal or untangling cables.

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Get a Free Architectural Plan

ASI is working with an architectural firm to develop a plan for modern dental and endodontic treatment rooms. Fill out the Contact Form and we will email the plan when complete. Otherwise, be sure to check back soon and download the file.

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Photo courtesy of Horizon Dental Institute

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Ergonomics is Personal 

Ergonomics for Dr and Assistant

Ergonomics is Personal

It’s a necessity to quit making your body take a beating in order to work. Besides reduction in mental stress, there is the genuine need to reduce physical strain for you and your assistant. Numerous articles have been published referencing studies which illustrate loss of time or a shortened career due to physical musculoskeletal problems. This article from DentistryIQ is just one example.

What is personalized ergonomics from ASI all about?

  • Eliminating unnecessary motion and large physical movements in order to reach instrumentation
  • Seating that is designed for your body and not the average person
  • Customizable delivery for you and your assistant, based on how you actually practice

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Productivity Equals ProfitabilitySave Time

Skill alone is not enough anymore. But when skill is combined with an improved pace that can be maintained through the day, the result translates into more procedures in less time. It’s about achieving momentum for you and your staff, keeping it going, and leaving relaxed at the end of day. Sure, it’s important that the operatory look nice. But it is critical that it works for you and your staff. Design should be based on achieving function first and form second. At ASI, our goal is to provide you with both a highly functional, ergonomic equipment solution, and an appealing, modern design that the cabinet-based designs from decades ago can never achieve.

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Design a Function Operatory | ASIFunction of Space is Critical

To optimize functionality of space, it is necessary to get technology in and get the bulky, non-functional items like dated cabinets out. Increasing an open room feel improves the mental state for both the patient and staff. Keeping operatory space sized right allows maximum use and profitably per square foot. Seamless integration of technology and cabling ensure that they work well together without interference. It also avoids the appearance clutter and discord resulting from mismatched concepts.

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The Flexibility to Match Practice GrowthAmbidextrous Design

Financial investment needs to be focused on technology and improved treatment – not expensive, nonfunctional cabinet designs. In order to preserve startup capital, equipment designs should be flexible and allow for ease of adding rooms as the needs of the practice grow. ASI’s In-Wall Junction box system makes it easy for contractors to rough in necessary plumbing and data cables for future operatories. As the practice grows, new equipment is easily brought in and connected. Further, designs can allow for both right and left handed operators to facilitate future staffing changes.

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We invite you to review our product offerings with a fresh perspective on dental equipment and room design. Consider how your practice could grow with improved efficiency and the ability to focus on providing the best treatment. Evaluate what working with less mental and physical stress on your body would mean to you.

To get you started, here are three of our product offerings for you to consider:

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ASI's Ergo iTechAdvanced Endodontic Systems® & Advanced Dental Systems®

These customizable dental delivery systems allow integration of the various instrument types and brands you prefer, with operation from only one foot control.

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ASI's Momentum Microscope StoolMomentum™ Microscope Chair

A new take on how dental seating should really work. The concave back rest supports the spine. An innovative adjustable seat front allows operators to sit slightly higher, opening up the hip joint. Check out how these well designed features provide seating customized to your needs. Maintain your momentum through out the day.

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ASI's Classic Flex Assistant's Rear Treatment Wall SystemClassic Flex Assistant Dental System

This dental cart provides the ideal combination of in-room storage, but with the flexibility of a modular cabinet that can be infinitely positioned for the assistant. The swivel arm system provides for desired placement of dental suction instruments. The rail system allows numerous customizable bracket options, keeping supplies within easy reach.   Internal cabling for technology, monitor mounts, nitrous ready connections and convenience outlets for air, water and electrical provide added seamless integration of desired instruments and accessories.

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