ASI Dental Irrigation

Irrigator Rinse Cup – Product Brief

Dental Irrigation Maintenance: How to Use the Irrigator Rinse Cup

Irrigator Rinse CupASI’s Irrigator Rinse Cup helps to make routine daily maintenance for the Irrigation system on its dental delivery systems easy and quick. Simply fill the Irrigator Rinse Cup about halfway with water. Then place the dental irrigation handpiece in the cup. Allow the handpiece to soak overnight. The rinse cup is designed to fit into the irrigation handpiece holder on the holder bar.

If you are equipped with ASI’s irrigation system, it is important to incorporate the use of the Irrigator Rinse Cup in your daily equipment maintenance routine. The purpose of this device is to help prevent residue from sodium hypochlorite and other irrigants from building up on the handpiece. When these irrigants are allowed to dry inside the the handpiece, they crystallize and can clog your handpiece. Keeping the handpiece soaking in water can prevent the crystallization of irrigants.

The Irrigator Rinse Cup is part of an easy maintenance program for the ASI Irrigation system. For more information regarding the maintenance of your ASI Irrigation System, please view the support viedo below, or visit for details.