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ASI Support VideosNewly updated ASI support videos will help you get started with your portable dental unit. They will also help you to maintain it.

The In Service videos walk you through setting up your dental unit. Review demonstrations of the closed water system. Topics including handpiece holders, connections and adjusting the handpiece air and water are also reviewed. You will find suction instruments near the end of the video. These videos are available for the both the Classic as well as the Designer Series Advanced Systems.

The Irrigation Support video walks you through the maintenance of your irrigation system, if so equipped. Properly maintaining your irrigation system ensures ease of use.

These ASI Support Videos are available from the Customer Support page of this website. To view, click on the Support link at the top of this page, or click here.

Suction QuickConnect

ASI’s Suction Maintenance QuickConnect

Suction QuickConnectASI’s suction system QuickConnect Kit provides a hands-free, efficient, and convenient option for purging self-contained portable dental units straight into plumbing.

After installing the kit in the plumbing system, simply attach the purge hose end to the QuickConnect, and turn on the purge pump.

Since the purge hose connects straight into the plumbing system, the QuickConnect saves time spent sterilizing a sink after purging.

Additionally, the purge pump does not have to be held while under pulsating pressure during purging, freeing staff to use the time for other tasks.

For more information call (800) 566-9953

New: Atomizer

ASI’s Atomizer for Vacuum Cleanser

AtomizerASI’s Atomizer eliminates the need to measure or mix concentrate and saves time spent on purging the vacuum system.

The Atomizer attaches to a bottle of ASI’s KeepClear enzymatic vacuum system cleanser. At the end of each day, simply attach each suction handpiece to the atomizer and turn on the suction. After 30 seconds, the entire inside of the tube and suction system will be coated. Repeat for each suction handpiece.

The Atomizer changes the cleanser into a fine mist, requiring very little cleanser to coat the vacuum system. Leave in overnight.

The next morning there is no need to purge cleanser from the system. This convenience is ideal for portable dental equipment.

For more information, call (800) 566-9953.