New: Momentum Specialty Seating

Momentum™ Microscope Stool

ASI Medical’s new specialty microscope dental chair, The Momentum, was designed with the McKenzie Method™ in mind, which found that certain movements and postures can relieve pain and restore function.

The convex, flexible backrest strongly supports the natural lumbar curve, even in a relaxed position.

Two styles of armrests are available: telescoping, for those who prefer more forearm support, and padded, for more elbow support.

An adjustable front seat lowers the knees to below the line of the hips, transferring weight from the spine into the legs.

The front edge of the seat then adjusts to the angle of the legs, comfortably supporting the legs while maintaining circulation.

The non-slip Valencia™ upholstery with Permablock™ protective finish is durable and easily cleaned.

Multiple cylinder sizes are available to accommodate all heights. ASI’s Momentum microscope chair is the perfect compliment to an ASI dental delivery system.

Introductory pricing is available. Click Here for complete product details.