New: The Ergo iTech Dental Cart System

ASI’s Ergo iTech Dental Cart System Integrates Auxiliary Technology

Ergo iTech Dental Cart SystemASI’s newest Advanced Endodontic System®, the Ergo iTech™,  is a dental cart system. the Ergo iTech integrates, houses, and hides auxiliary equipment. This streamlines the use, look, and feel of the operatory.

A door-mounted shelf can house a miniature computer CPU. The computer network cable runs hidden alongside the umbilical to connect to the server.

Dual USB connections link devices such as digital sensors. Extra storage space hides tabletop instruments such as obturation devices and charging stations.

An articulating monitor mount can attach an LCD screen to the cart. This makes explaining treatment plans easier with clear digital imaging.

The patient’s experience is enhanced by creating a well-designed, fully-integrated setting for a one-on-one consultation.

Click Here for complete list of features, specifications, and other information regarding the iTech Dental Cart System.


DentaPure: Maintenance-Free Waterline Disinfection

DentaPureDentaPure Now Standard on ASI Dental Units

ASI Medical has partnered with DentaPure® to preinstall maintenance-free waterline disinfection cartridges on its dental delivery systems. Each system is provided with sample DP40B cartridges that last up to 60 days, with the option to purchase the yearly DP365B cartridges at a discounted rate.

DentaPure elutes a constant level of non-allergenic isotopic iodine to disinfect the waterline. The cartridges install on existing lines in seconds, and last for a full year.

DentaPure saves time and money, as it requires no mixing or dissolving chemicals, power consumption, shocking treatments, or third-party monitoring of the water. It produces no residue that could cause clogging, degrade the handpieces, or shorten the system’s life. Disposal is convenient as there are no hazardous materials or heavy metals.

DentaPure is EPA-registered as an anti-microbial waterline product.

Learn more about DentaPure on their website.

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AAE15 in Seattle isAAE15 just around the corner, and we here at ASI are busy making our final preparations for the show. Be sure to stop by booth 524 and see how you can save thousands on your new treatment center, see what new delivery system features are available, and catch up on all of our latest innovations and offerings.

While the event goes from May 6 – 9, the exhibit hall will be closing on Friday, May 8, so be sure to stop by before then. Visit for a complete schedule and more information about the event. We look forward to seeing you there!

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