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Designing the Ideal Operatory is More Affordable Than You Thought

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The Turn-Key Solution to a Happy Practice

ASI’s smart operatory design concept is simple: create a spacious, highly ergonomic, productive work environment.

This extensive, full-featured, cart-based solution streamlines equipment details and eliminates the need for cabinetry. The result: a predictable outcome for you, your architect, and your contractor. As you compare equipment options, you will find that not only do these systems cost less than cabinetry, but they also save time during construction.

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Financial Flexibility

Improve the financial success of a new practice by limiting initial equipment costs to match patient flow. Why purchase equipment for three operatories when there are only enough patients for one? Although it may make sense to complete the build-out up front, equipment should be flexible, allowing for future expansion and scaling up as patient flow increases.

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Utility Management Done Right

ASI In-Wall Junction BoxDetails associated with water, suction, compressed air, nitrous gas supplies, and IT cable management complicate the build-out process. ASI provides a simple method of utility management that easily couples to the modular Doctor’s and Assistant’s treatment carts.

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Demystifying the Cost of an ASI System


Often, the perceived price of an ASI system is considerably higher than the actual price. Although complimentary, it simply isn’t true. 

ASI systems are not only considerably less expensive than you may think, but they are also capable of equipping the operatory for a much lower cost compared with traditional cabinet-based designs.

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Cost Comparison Table

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Getting More for Less

Reduce the financial stress of a new dental practice by reducing initial startup investment costs, keeping monthly loan payments more reasonable. Price-comparison shopping your equipment is essential, but it is not the whole picture. The question isn’t, “Can I pay less,” but rather, “Can I pay less to equip my treatment rooms while getting more functionality from them?” Purchase equipment that gives great returns in productivity, ergonomics and appeal for patient referrals while costing less than traditional treatment room setup methods.

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Already Own Your Instruments? No Problem!

Depending upon the brand, cart-based systems can be equipped with instruments you already own.