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ASI Dental Dual Ultrasonics

Dual Ultrasonics – Dr. Thomas McClammy

The purpose of this article is to emphasize that ultrasonics that are readily available and ergonomically delivered can be a valuable adjunct to endodontic procedures for the well trained and astute endodontic clinician specialists and generalists alike.

ASI's New Utility Cart

Introducing the ASI Utility Cart

The all-new Utility Cart is specially engineered for treatment-specific mobile organization.

Preventative Maintenance

Control Block Maintenance

Performing routine maintenance helps ensure it does not break down unexpectedly. The life expectancy of the system may also be increased, eliminating premature replacement.

ASI Online Support Site

Need Online Support for Your ASI Dental System?

ASI Online SupportASI has just launched its new online support website. Explore it at its new web address:

The expanded customer support center features 4 main Categories: 

  1. Online Support
  2. Order Parts & Supplies
  3. Find a Technician
  4. Submit a Question

First of all, the Online Support option takes you to the Product Support Dashboard, which is organized by category. Category selections contain Technical Guidelines and How-To videos. Most videos are accompanied by a technical guideline. In addition, Technical Guidelines can be viewed online, downloaded or printed per your preference.

Secondly, Order Parts & Supplies takes you to the online store. So you can locate and purchase from the following categories:

  1. Maintenance Kits
  2. General Parts & Tools
  3. Delivery System Parts
  4. Water System
  5. Suction System
  6. Self-Contained Compressor & Vacuum
  7. Instrument Parts
  8. Accessories

Also, Ordering online saves you time. You can check out as a guest or set up an account to save your billing and shipping address. Plus, with an account you can view you order history and save your payment information. 

Because you may prefer your local technician take care of parts orders for you, we offer national and local technician distributors for your convenience. 

Thirdly, Find a Technician opens our Technician Locator. Enter your zip code and find technicians in your area.

And Finally, Submit a Question or provide feedback here. Now you can email our support team directly. Simply fill out the online form and click the Submit button. In addition to receiving an emailed response, you may also receive helpful links and attachments.

Because you may need additional help, you can reach our friendly support staff at (800) 566-9953. Additional contact information can be found here.



ASI Customer Stories

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It…

Customer Stories Video from AAE17, New Orleans

Find out what our customers had to say about our products when they stopped by our booth at AAE17 in New Orleans.

AAE 2017 Customer Stories from ASI Medical, Inc. on Vimeo.

Special thanks to everyone who stopped by. Do you have a story to share? We’d love to hear from you! Contact our sales team or call 844.880.3636.

What’s New at ASI?

ASI Microscope CArtWe love innovation. That’s why we’re always working to find ways to improve our current product line, as well as expand our product offering, with new approaches to operatory equipment. At AAE17 we debuted our latest prototype: the Endo-Ready Cart with Seiler® Microscope Mount.

Prototype Details:

  • ASI’s Designer Advanced Endodontic System® with Seiler® Alpha Air Series Microscope Mounting Capability
  • Great for Endo-On-The-Go and Practices with Visiting Endodontists
  • Custom Options for Both Cart and Microscope are Available
  • ASI Instrument Integration Capability with Single Foot Control

This package option will be available later this year.

Vise Bracket

New! Vise Bracket for Dental Instruments

Vise Bracket Eliminates Risk of Dropping Dental Instruments.

Vise Bracket with ZXIIASI’s new Vise Bracket securely mounts tabletop dental instruments, keeping them in easy reach of the operator. These tabletop dental instruments include common brands of the following:

  • Apex Locators
  • Obturation Wands
  • Cordless Dental Devices

The vise bracket can be mounted onto new and existing ASI dental delivery systems. Mounting locations include the instrument holder bar or directly to the chassis.

Easy-to-turn thumbscrews establish a precise, custom fit. Silicone rings provide added grip strength, ensuring the dental instrument will not slip or fall to the floor. Removal and replacement of the dental instrument is simple and convenient. No special tools are required.

The unique ball-and-socket feature provides dental professionals the ability to personally position the dental instrument for optimum visibility. A cord wrap located on the side of the bracket platform lends additional convenience and organization.

Precision-machined anodized aluminum construction gives the vise bracket a sleek finish with added strength and durability.

Click here to see the various mounting options available for your ASI dental system.

Technician Locator

Technician Locator: Find a Technician by Zip Code

ASI Technician LocatorASI Launches its New Technician Locator

ASI is pleased to announce the launch of its Technician Locator on the  ASI website.  ASI recently partnered with Dental FixRX to provide installation and support services for our dental delivery systems. We also have a database of independent technicians that we’ve been building on for more than 20 years. Together this list of technicians offers coverage across the United States and includes Alaska and Hawaii. Puerto Rico, Canada and the UK are also represented.

ASI Technician Locator Map

ASI’s NEW Technician Locator with Map

Finding technicians to install and service your ASI dental delivery systems is easier than ever. Simply enter your zip code in the space provided. The locator will present you with a list of nearby technicians. Some technicians cover a very large or particular area. These are noted in the individual listings.

Are you or do you know of a great technician who is not on this list? Please contact our marketing department. We would be happy to include additional technicians.

If you are not able to find a technician in your area then please continue to check back. The locator will be updated regularly. You can also contact our service department with any installation or maintenance questions you may have.

ASI Technician Listing

ASI Technician Listing



Why ASI: Made in USA

ASI for Your Dental Equipment Needs

Six Significant Reasons to Select ASI for Your Dental Equipment Needs.

There are many choices of dental equipment manufacturers. However, ASI Medical, Inc. provides many unique capabilities and features that separate our dental equipment line from the others. Listed below are six significant reasons to evaluate when selecting dental delivery units and systems for your office.


1. Save Time with ASIImprove Treatment Times – ASI’s Unique Advanced Dental Systems® are a unique type of dental delivery system that can improve efficiency and reduce treatment time. Having the right dental instrument readily available can eliminate wasted time reaching for instruments by the dental team throughout the entire day. Just as process improvements help manufactures reduce production time, having properly placed instrumentation can improve dental treatment times.
2. Custom Configured Dental EquipmentCustom Configurable with Everything in One Dental System – ASI’s Advanced Dental Systems utilize a unique modular instrument panel that operates from only one foot control, allowing each dental system to be custom configured. Select your desired instrumentation, determine which control panel each of the instruments will be integrated and on which location on the holder bar in the order the dental practice wants. This allows the dental delivery system to specifically meet the practice recruitment needs through the ability to perform procedures from endodontics to periodontics with only one dental unit.
3. Ambidextrous Dental EquipmentAmbidextrous and Ergonomic – ASI’s dental operatory equipment can be fully ambidextrous allowing for ease of positioning within a well-designed operatory space. Dental cart designs allow for infinite positioning without movement constraints or reach limits of arm based dental units. Having easily accessible instruments positioned correctly for the staff improves not only their efficiency but enjoyment of their daily work.
4. 20 Years ASIRobust Designs for Lasting Quality – For over twenty years, ASI been making high quality dental equipment constructed of thick walled aluminum, stainless steel control valves and titanium instruments. Our dental equipment stands the rigors of daily institutional use. Durability is partly why ASI mobile dental systems were selected as the deployable dental system for all branches of the military. It is also why our specialized Advanced Dental and Endodontic Systems are used in over 60% of dental teaching schools.
5. ASI: Made in USAMade in America and Selling Direct to our Customers – ASI manufactures a complete line of dental delivery systems in the U.S. Advanced manufacturing techniques are utilized in our machining centers and chassis fabrication. We sell our products to dentists and institutional buyers to save on distribution mark ups. This allows us to tailor configured dental unit models in the price points needed by our customers.
6. Dental Equipment SupportComprehensive Tech Support – ASI provides support to your staff and for the products in a comprehensive fashion. This includes videos on use and maintenance that can be readily accessed by new dental staff at any time for their orientation and training. Over the past twenty years, we have developed a network of independent dental service technicians to facilitate on site installation and repairs of our dental equipment. Additionally, our tech support staff is a phone call away if your own service or dental team has questions for use or troubleshooting of your dental equipment.
ASI Classic Flex Assistant Dental Delivery System

New! Multi-Specialty Assistant System

Classic Flex Assistant System

The Classic Flex Assistant System from ASI.

ASI has released a new line of assistant dental systems called the Classic Flex. It complements its doctor dental delivery systems and eliminates the need for a 12 O’Clock cabinet.

The assistant dental system can be configured for ambidextrous use for both right- and left-handed operators.  Numerous configurable options including small storage bins, sharps containers, file caddies, apex locator brackets and arm-mounted trays that can be bracketed onto the rail system and custom-configured for the operator or for the specialty.

The Classic Flex assistant dental system allows IT management with monitors and CPUs to be mounted onto the system, with cabling concealed.

The cart-based dental system comes standard with a large work surface, a self-contained water supply with waterline disinfection, and includes the assistant’s instruments: a titanium straight high volume evacuator, saliva ejector, and air/water syringe on a swivel mount.   A nitrous-ready option is also available.

Find more information on the standard features included with the Classic Flex assistant dental system, as well as options and addition images here.

Contact ASI at 1-800-566-9953, or visit for more information.


To Plumb or Not to Plumb

Self-Contained Question – To Plumb or Not To Plumb

Is a Self-Contained Unit Right for You?

Self-Contained CartChanges and uncertainty in our current economic climate are reasons why more clinicians are interested in ASI’s Self-Contained Systems. Have you thought about self-contained as a possible option for your practice? The following information will help you determine if a centrally plumbed system or a self-contained unit is right for you.


Advantages of ASI’s Self-Contained Cart Systems:

  • Ease of relocation
    ASI’s portable self-contained cart can be easily moved to a different location. A self-contained unit is the perfect way to test your location without financial obligation.
  • Reduced startup cost
    ASI’s self-contained unit eliminates the expense associated with plumbing a building. All that is required to be fully operational is a standard 120 volt outlet.
  • Immediate startup 
    ASI’s self-contained cart allows you to open without waiting for additional permits and building inspections. If you are moonlighting, setting up a satellite office or working out of a specialty office on the side, ASI’s Integrated Self-Contained cart gives you the flexibility to practice anywhere without the hassle of assembling and disassembling your instruments for transport.
  • Painless lease negotiation 
    With ASI’s self-contained cart you are able to negotiate more favorable lease terms. This is because there is no need to compromise the building structure for plumbing renovations.
  • Connect to central plumbing 
    The internal air compressor and vacuum in a self-contained ASI cart can be connected to central plumbing at any time. If your central plumbing fails, ASI systems can be converted back into a standalone cart at any time. This makes it the most versatile self-contained system on the market.

Considerations of ASI’s Self-Contained Cart Systems:

  • Required maintenance
    ASI’s Self-Contained systems include an internal air compressor, vacuum, purge and closed water systems. They require periodic maintenance to sustain a high level of performance. Some of the maintenance required should be done daily, monthly or annually. Visit the Support page of this website for a video tutorial.
  • Suction purge and cleaner
    Knowing how to maintain your equipment is essential.  ASI self-contained systems are designed to minimize maintenance. However, there is still a need to purge the contents of the suction system at the end of the day. Evacuation system cleanser needs to be suctioned into the system to sit overnight. The entire procedure takes less than ten minutes and is a necessary and important process.
  • Sound and vibration
    ASI’s self-contained systems are remarkably quiet. The air compressor and vacuum system do make some sound while operating. The vacuum hums gently while operating. The air compressor is slightly louder.  If you want your treatment rooms to be absolutely quiet, then a self-contained system may not be for you. ASI has applied technological advancements to absorb and eliminate cart vibration. Because the system contains all of your pumps, the running air compressor and/or vacuum motor will produce vibration. This may even vibrate your hand-pieces located on the holder bar. Vibration is a normal byproduct of any self-contained system and should not affect the overall user experience.
  • Understanding of mechanics
    These systems are designed to be easy to operate and generally do not require action from you. A basic understanding of how they operate goes a long way in maximizing their use.  If you don’t feel you are mechanically inclined then a self-contained may not be your best choice.
  • Heat
    ASI systems are designed to accommodate an entire day of procedures year round.  The air compressor and vacuum generate heat which is vented into the operatory via an internal cooling fan. Please be aware that the equipment produces heat. Increased temperature (if any) will depend on operatory size and usage.

For more information please call 1-800-566-9953 or visit our product pages for an overview of our complete line of ASI’s Products.