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New! Vise Bracket for Dental Instruments

Vise Bracket Eliminates Risk of Dropping Dental Instruments. ASI’s new Vise Bracket securely mounts tabletop dental instruments, keeping them in easy reach of the operator. These tabletop dental instruments include common brands of the following: Apex Locators Obturation Wands Cordless Dental Devices The vise bracket can be mounted onto new and existing ASI dental delivery systems. […]

Technician Locator: Find a Technician by Zip Code

ASI Launches its New Technician Locator ASI is pleased to announce the launch of its Technician Locator on the  ASI website.  ASI recently partnered with Dental FixRX to provide installation and support services for our dental delivery systems. We also have a database of independent technicians that we’ve been building on for more than 20 years. Together this […]

ASI for Your Dental Equipment Needs

Six Significant Reasons to Select ASI for Your Dental Equipment Needs. There are many choices of dental equipment manufacturers. However, ASI Medical, Inc. provides many unique capabilities and features that separate our dental equipment line from the others. Listed below are six significant reasons to evaluate when selecting dental delivery units and systems for your […]

New! Multi-Specialty Assistant System

The Classic Flex Assistant System from ASI. ASI has released a new line of assistant dental systems called the Classic Flex. It complements its doctor dental delivery systems and eliminates the need for a 12 O’Clock cabinet. The assistant dental system can be configured for ambidextrous use for both right- and left-handed operators.  Numerous configurable options […]